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Re-Designing the ICBM With The Latest and Greatest Technology

We propose a Stealth Aircraft or non-stealth composite aircraft to have a honey comb structure with an external shell or skin for the diffraction of incoming laser weaponry, which we believe based on the results of the THEL Anti-Missile Defense System success, will be what future enemies will use to attempt to down our US Aircraft. Israel is selling information and weapons to China, Pakistan and other nations. Russia is also doing the same, it will not be long before everyone has and is planning to use such technologies for both offense and defense.

We propose that with in these Honeycomb Structures will be the engine noise of the aircraft fine-tuned to a hyper sound frequency. The sound will be such that it does not allow the sound to escape but rather dissipate. The sound will also have a harmonic resonance and proper balance to enhance the structural integrity of the skin, ceramic coating and any metallic structures of the aircraft. In the event that the aircraft is hit with a laser the hyper sound will interfere with the incoming laser light enough to render the laser weapon useless.

We propose studies be made in wind tunnels and with various composite, metallic, electronic, coatings, paints along with various hyper sound frequencies to find the right variations to prove this concept as viable. We believe with the wind tunnel testing, natural harmonics, laminar airflows, frequency disruptions, we can build materials to not only withstand a laser weapon attack but also use that additional heat for a strengthening of the structure by resonating with the material at a molecular level to enhance the desired characteristics.

We believe that in since these weapons are becoming more and more commonplace and since they are being used now in more than 10 countries that eventually our enemies will have this technology and will attempt to use it to defend themselves against our aircraft, smart munitions and UAVs. To insure that a ScramJet ICBM type single mission UAV makes it to it's target or re-entry and separation of multiple war heads it maybe necessary to use the sound or shock waves to create the hypersound resonance around the ScramJet Missile to prevent destruction by laser intercept.

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