Preventing Death in a Bio Threat

In the event of Bio threat how to mobilize Hospitals in case of biological emergencies should close except for broken bones and accidents. Instead those who believe they have contracted a biological terrorist induced pathogen, virus or disease should be required to stay at home.

Then mobile vans with specially trained technicians would come to them in a grid defense program. Also involved would be a grid defense mutual assistance fill in the gap program. After the people have been inoculated with the anti virus drugs, later in the week the Car Wash Guys, this just happens to be my company, but there are 21,000 independent mobile pressure washer companies in the US currently. They would be scheduled to perform a decon-foam spray down of the house, cars, yard and other contaminated objects (decon-foam to be stored at fire stations and virus serums would be stored at a military base with a couple of C-130s, and 747s available to deliver it by air to the nearest airport of the outbreak) (inoculations also would be stored in Guam, Hawaii and Alaska all at military bases with Air Guard units ready to deploy with a quick manual of protocol). Each time there was any type of breakout we would have instantaneous response. People could watch TV to see what to do. Wow, the media could actually help things for a change rather than creating hysteria.

With the call centers from AT&T, Fed Ex, and other large companies assisting with call centers that are provided they are still in business, since the call centers have mostly been outsourced to India. Then people would not storm hospitals and infect the entire staff there who are only there to help them and others who work in and around the hospitals and other people there for simple things.

The Grid Defense Plan would be similar to the grid response plan for home delivery services or Pizza Delivery. By combining absolute offense to our national security efforts in attacking all possible targets in hostile countries, which contain arsenals of Biological weapons and this defense plan we can curb any threat to our human race from extinction or elimination of entire states populations from a terrorist or state sanctioned biological attack. It is imperative that we realize the threat of attack is real and we can head it off now. After reviewing the plans of states and cities, I was under whelmed by the possible efforts they could contribute. Most have failed miserably, such as Seattle, Denver and SF. So first we gear-up for the worst and second and simultaneously get the bad guys offensively.

In this scenario small attacks no problem, large ones a little more serious. School children should be taught what to do in case of a problem and parents should be alerted in newspapers and TV. It will work, and that solves that. Be ready and able to adapt quickly. No sense in spreading anthrax, ebola, or other virus laced into small pox for rapid spreading through normal human interaction. To keep it from becoming a national epidemic we simply stop the situation in it's tracks. Any ideas? Email me if you believe they should remain secret and post them hear if they are simple ideas. Either way if the enemy knows we are quick to respond and defeat such an act, it would not makes sense for them to make such event to serve their will, because it would be stopped quickly and strengthen our resolve and our confidence

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