Aluminum Oxide to Disrupt Laser Weapons

In a defensive move to eliminate communication of an enemy, an offensive system using a chemical laser would be a good idea. In manufacturing we have lasers, which coat materials so they can be combined or heat-treated in the application process. This process of depositing coatings by lasers is known in manufacturing as Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) is a generative laser process.

With an airborne chemical laser you could coat the enemies communications, such as antenna, laser optical components with aluminum oxide dust.

By contaminating out bound CO2 lasers or Argon Laser components with aluminum oxides our enemy will be unable to fire upon our aircraft, UAVs, Smart Flying Technologies or incoming weapons. Once the enemy is rendered without defense a small time period could be given for surrender or submission of our political will in exchange for being spared the destructive issues, which come with war. Perhaps this might be a last chance to overt war and although it could further complicate Boyd's 'OODA Loop' it would also be quite benevolent in the events leading up to our beyond limited war. As the enemy's options are eliminated in a pre-chaos and confusion added step, our ability to negotiate a favorable settlement before surgical removal of those who wish us or our allies ill will.

A small UAV could be employed to sprinkle aluminum oxide dust by way of a small fire cracker type system which would explode near the laser from a single mission UAV or MAV. Another possibility would be a directed discharge of a laser beam for a couple of seconds from the UAV as the last event of that robotic mechanism.

Once coated the laser would not function correctly, antennas and radar would not function correctly. If the enemy failed to comply then another chemical or heat laser could be sent onto the surface and cause additional havoc.

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