Organic Decoy Devices for Warfare (ODDW)

We can genetically modify a rat to be the same body temperature as a humans, then parachute in several thousand rats into enemy territory. These rats will pick up the enemies advanced warning and intrusion sensors by way of heat signature.

The enemy, thus thinks they are a division of troops with heavy armament trying to hide, perhaps interpreting these signatures as thousands of troops with all but a little of their skin showing. Think of the Predator movie where Sylvester Stallone was being hunted by the alien for sport. When "Sly" covered his skin with thick mud only a little heat signature could be seen. Troops with heavy bulletproof vests made of Kevlar with ceramic peck plates and helmets would appear similar and thus the area of a rat would be a similar amount of heat signature of human wearing such gear. Once you fool the enemy you can capture him?

Seeing thousands of such heat signatures would mimic what the enemy expects to see when they see thousands of troops in a battalion of infantry. The enemy thus would get scared and prepare to defend against the perceived imminent invasion. As the enemy gets scared and advances on the threat of an invading force of decoy rats we monitor and wait for enemy to fire on thousands of rats, then quickly mark the location from which the incoming fire, ordinance and missiles are launched. Once the enemy gives away their defense positions we send in the first round of UAVs with lethal weapons. EA (electronic attack) devices and smart munitions.

This idea has been perpetuating itself from news events such as the problem with the thousands of rats in Mexico town, which survived their own poisoning when the poison killed all the cats which were controlling their populations. Also Sandia's all new Sarge robotic territorial guarding unmanned vehicle (ATV with heat signature and machine guns). The movie with the Arnold Swarznegger "The Governator" with the flying UAVs in the latest terminator genre also played a part in this thought. The Border Patrol, Coast Guard and Military use of the predator UAVs and use of sensors to protect infrastructure also played a part in this concept. All in all it appears that such battlefield techniques appear to be heading us in this direction.

Using the technology against itself and the rats as bait seems to be a great way to save human life during military actions of political will and helps defeat enemy. One might liken such a concept to the Chinese art of Judo using the opponents power to against him or the political definition of Diplomacy, "the art of letting someone else get your way.'

Now then since we can all agree that this idea or concept of using organic decoys makes a lot of sense in the ever-changing battlespace, how do we raise the temperature of rats to mimic that of human beings?

There are several really simple ways to change the heat signature of the rats, even ways to do this without killing them or seriously hurting them. The easiest way without using genetic manipulation and using the KISS Method would be to simply feed them something, which would temporarily increase their body temperatures. 309941&dopt=Abstract ,

This might be the best way because as the rats got closer and closer the effect would of the food would wear off and then all of a sudden they would all disappear, thus putting terror and fear into the enemy as they can no longer find the invading forces. Where did they go, did they hide in a cave, go into a tent, which is hiding them from radar? Did they get in a vehicle? Where? Then they might send out a searching recon team, which could be immediately taken out, meaning the must send another to see what happen to them as once they are gone communication will no longer be available. Meanwhile why they are looking they will be communicating with those in charge whose position is now given away. Such a trick would be aggravating to the enemy because then the signatures would appear and then disappear, meaning, where did they go, meaning enemy must go on high alert and that means more motion and activity from enemy, including communication, movement, fear and action thus giving away information and locations. As this occurs the enemy has one more unknown to deal with prior to the electronic attack as we gather information from the enemy. Our enemy is hesitant, in fear and giving away all of it's locations and communication sources.

If we sent the rats in several large boxes which opened with a timer or were the doors of the boxes were made of food themselves, then they would eat themselves out of the box and and then proceed to look for more food. We would time the thickness of the door made of food to when you wanted to launch the attack. As studying the time to eat the door with 1000 rats could be easily studied in advance. By using this thought process therefore the delivery aircraft could fly in under cover of weather or other temporary diversion and return and will be no where near when the rats finally got out of the box. Thus even more baffling to the enemy since there are no support vehicles, aircraft or other devices in the area. Just what appears to be lots of troops without support heading their way.

How do we keep the rats traveling in the direction we wish? Well a couple of ideas here. First lets not forget the story of the dogs used to deliver hand grenades to the enemy. The masters would say go fetch and attack and the dogs would run towards the enemy, but all the gun fire and chaos would scare the dogs and then they would return to their owners? Whoops?

First there are a couple of ways to do this. One is to put a bad smell upwind by way of single mission UAVs, delivering a smell bomb, warning the rats to go the other way. Or put positive smells, generally food up wind so they travel in the direction of food. One way to do this is to use several box drops of food a few days in advance upwind towards the enemy by way of UAV. Or have CIA operatives in country dropping positive smell bombs. Then another box several miles away towards the target again and they would smell it and go to it. And in that box the food would have in it:

Then another box even further away with the ingredients, which cause increased body temps once again. The rats will move, disappear, reappear closer, then disappear and then move and reappear, thus looks like troop movements, which do not exist, perfect decoy?

If we drop off 20,000 rats some with electronic pulse devices strapped on them in 20 different locations we can over whelm the enemy, wake up the communication and start movement and then attack after just prior to the coordinated attack we send our an electronic attack to kill the communication and electronics of the enemy. All targets are found and locked, game over. RATS'D. Recon Animal Territorial Sensor Decoys.

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