Weather Control and Creation to Use as a Screen for Troop Advancement

Creating a Hurricane using a Space based laser array to heat up surface waters when conditions are right. By using a tropical storm system and super heating the water in the path and then in a counter clock wise direction if in the Northern Hemisphere or Clock-wise if in the Southern Hemisphere because;

"A hurricane is an immense circulating storm, an intense case of a class of weather systems called tropical cyclones. At the center of a cyclone is a region of extremely low atmospheric pressure. Because this region is at a lower pressure than its surroundings, winds blow from the high-pressure areas inward toward the central low. The coriolis force (which is due to the rotation of the Earth) causes these winds to be deflected to the side. So instead of the winds blowing straight toward the center of the hurricane, they begin to blow around it. This causes the hurricane to circulate. Hurricanes always rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere."

One of the easiest ways to heat the surface would be to use large UUV-Underwater Unmanned Vehicles which are twin-tubed shaped which would slowly unroll like a scroll and sink a few inches below the surface with a floating absorbing material which would heat up when hit with the laser. Thus super heat the waters surface. It could also be a Solar Powered skin made of:

"In Energy News. Super duper thin solar cells can be made with a thin sheet about 2-3 microns coated with Copper Indium Diselenide. What is that? Exactly what I thought but it is a thin material similar to glass. It reaches conversion percentages as much as 18% . ics.html

Energy is free. You can never be too free or too thin."

The UUV tubes would that of the Seahorse UUV only triple the length which would have the companion tube a giant roll containing the skin to be used and float between the two.

Now then as the eye of the Hurricane forms you put your robotic and human landing forces in the eye of the Hurricane and travel to the shore without detection and without conflict. Your landing force is secure thanks to a little help of the temporary modification of Mother Natures perfect patterns. No one can deny that a Hurricane is very disruptive and destructive event. You cannot defend a beach against an attack if you are fully disrupted by the strength of a Hurricane, Typhoon, very large Tropical Storm or big weather event. We know from our experience with Hurricanes each year that FEMA has a tough enough time cleaning up after the destruction, power outages and the like. We know as Hurricanes reach land and surface obstructions that winds slow and eventually the storm collapses, but there is also a way to deflate a storm after you no longer need it for your cover. We can also bring in behind the storm cool water along with logistics of the sixth fleet;

Interesting information on Hurricanes and how they form the force needed and the changes in surface temperatures needed and the conditions necessary for the natural creation of Hurricanes:

It appears that creating a Hurricane is quite possible with our modern technology, also meaning that watering the desert or creating rain is also to fill up aquifers, water reservoirs or even large lakes stricken by droughts. And there are a number of ways to defeat a Hurricane such a poly balls which can soak up 2000 times their weight in water or precipitation which could be dropped from a large cargo plane such as a C-141, C-5 or many of such aircraft flying above near the top of the storm.

In conclusion a Hurricane is the ultimate diversion and smoke screen to safely land your forces without having to deal with heavy losses of life such as the decision faced by Eisenhower who had to deal with as our troops that landed at Normandy to conquer evil.

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