Shamans and Their Documented Abilities

Many Shamans will go into a sweat house to get their premonitions, here is a make shift sweat house used by such native Indians;

This is interesting in that such premonitions also have been reported by those in high impact sports and military operations. For instance a dehydrated athlete out for a break on a hot day, resting to go back in, often will have a sense of intuition, some say this is nothing more than psycho-cybernetics that the best athletes are said to do. Envision the goal, home run or play in your mind prior to the event. So many will say this is in fact not a premonition at all. Some running marathons will see events in the future too, although some will say these visions are nothing more than simple hallucinations as the mind reacts to the endorphins, fatigue or additional foot pounding cadence. Fighter pilots especially have been known to have such intuition, insights and premonitions, perhaps this is because the sun beating down on the canopy heat up the inside of the aircraft. Some of the best scorers in the NV desert for test bombing runs or at China Lake for the US Navy come from those they say have premonitions of such. These are well enough known and have been studied by the military to the point that even Luke Skywalker in StarWars was shown to have capabilities to sense the Force. Many pilots will see in advance a dogfight or SAM missile launch and see themselves victorious against the threat and the out come later is exactly that. However not much is talked about by those who may have had premonitions of death prior to a hit, after all they are dead now and cannot talk about it. I have even heard pilots talk about knowing when to maneuver the plane slightly left or right when making strafing runs, rocket launches or bombing runs when enemy anti-aircraft fire was taking place. Some of this is intuition some is judging the tracer rounds, yet it is uncanny how the best of the best treat these, slight signals in intuition and seem to be nearly invincible. Perhaps a test should be done where a group of pilots sit in a room and play a game of randomness by a computer which allows you to guess what is coming next with several colors, certain colors will shock you. Allow them several free button moves to block the shocks. Those who perform best after two weeks of this will receive a higher ranking in the class for those who receive jets, copters or transports.

Why? Well because intuition exists, trusting that intuition is key and there are studies proving this exists. Some families deliver more intuitive offspring than others. This is good in that you save aircraft, pilot training costs and lose fewer expensive aircraft and pilots. Why is this? Well these things are well known in psychology circles, occult studies, parapsychology and other fields. Why not use this to our advantage, sure it is not well understood as other sciences but there is significant proof and those of us with a little bit of intuition or have developed over time a bit extra senses, even if only a little means we can achieve more in less time. Often we will see entrepreneurs with these abilities and it shows up in athletes and in times of great challenge and stress. Are Shamans really magical? Or are they simply acknowledging the parts of the holistic universe and power of thought that many of use through social structure and scientific correctness refuse to see and even go out of our way to debunk or deny? If it works use it, in racing where intuition is key, the first thing they teach you is use the whole track. Excellent advice, so shouldn't we use the whole brain including those things our brains are capable of but never fully developed due to denial? Has the human race forgotten more than it has ever known?

The top politicians, athletes, public speakers, warriors all use psycho-cybernetics to view in advance the win. Thus forcing the will of the individual and the power of the mind. It is well known by special forces in training that when sneaking up on guards or a sentry to focus your energy away from the target, not at it, people can pick up these thoughts and that might make the person more vigilant, activate brain waves and make their heart rate go up as well as those biological functions associated with fear. Well then if this is true and part of training, then why are we not looking at these things in all aspects of Homeland Security, military equipment operation and first responder endeavors?

In aviation and with fighter pilots we have discussed the hot cockpit, greenhouse effect very similar to the Shamans, are we helping our pilots by attempting to make them totally comfortable, should we leave the temperature slightly up? Now a days there is significant cooling inside the cockpits.

Heat stress is a significant factor in fatigue, but also a significant factor in what we shall call "The Shaman Effect" in this article. The pilot, in dual pilot fighters navigator also, is in fact put into a sweathouse or as this report states "Greenhouse" and experiences the greenhouse effect. Coatings and air-conditioning are important to the electronic equipment in aircraft as well. Special coatings on the canopy can prevent heat, which prevents malfunction and failure of electronics and avionics. If the navigator has his head down looking at instrumentation and experiences mild vertigo inside the cockpit, then in fact he maybe at a point physiologically to that of a shaman in sweathouse receiving information flows from future events. As his mind will be moving without time as parts of his brain are effected in this way. No matter how you feel about such premonitions or the occult or the unscientifically proven phenomena, is of no importance as it seems to be well enough documented and we know something is helping these shaman do these things. Preminitions and the study of such has also been documented in other studies in many places.

Playing music is said to heat up the body, pulse rate, heartbeat, so does coffee and caffeine. Should a combination be used since caffeine tests high in the intuition and brain functioning arena? This heats up the body and also allows for cooler cockpit temperatures for electronics? Should the navigator be at a different temperature than the pilot? Should we work to induce additional brain waves to peak the intuition abilities? Which brain waves lend them selves best for this?

Now let us try to understand or hypothesize this from a scientific standpoint. And for this conversation let us look at all the waves of mankind. Those waves we create, such as cell phone, waves, electric motor waves, electricity waves, sound waves, radio waves, microwaves, radar, infrared, etc. Then let's throw into the discussion the waves of nature such as light, gravity, time, sound, ELF of the earth, UV, Gamma, Beta. Then let's also throw in the waves of the body, bio-rhythms of the heart, nerve firing frequency, pulse and the various brain waves. Now then if all this is going on all around us and then we are able to plug into the system of an endless sea of criss-crossing waves, which is all visible to the naked eye might resemble something similar to one of these things.

Is the Shaman connecting himself to these waves (plugging in). Is the shaman connecting to the ground frequency of 8.5 Hz, in other words plugging into the ground waves? Is the Shaman slowing down his body to a very low Hz level mimicking deep sleep and thus getting closer to the barriers of the frequency of time. Seeing and knowing without time? Thus the past, present and future are all one. With this knowledge is the shaman connecting to the other brain waves also connected to the Earth, but sifting through information in the future. Is this really remote viewing? Or is the phenomena just a matter of plugging into the available wave patterns? If so does the over heated pilot in the cockpit also have such advantages being able to pick up wave patterns in the air? The heated brain may be picking up such waves, whereas the active brain is receiving the blood flow being demanded by the tasks at hand, flying the plane.

If the Shamans abilities are partly in fact from the sweat room and the lowered level of the brain waves, then is the most valuable person in the US Navy for premonition not in the aircraft but rather working below in the boiler room? Has anyone done any studies on this? How can we mimic the brain waves in simulation so that a recipient might in fact be able to get to the level of the Shaman in a state of lucid dreaming in a sweat state of metabolism in the body and then use this along with the practice sessions and training described above from a highly evolved intellectual brain of an Academy Military graduated pilot which has been in combat previously and done extremely well, been excellent in his day in athletics, racing, entrepreneurship or a slight combination of one or more of these and has proven the ability for good fortune in times of severe stress. I believe we should be looking here and perhaps such experiments might be po po'ed by academia or the scientific community, however once proven effective certainly the skeptics will applaud the efforts and the successes and then attempt to quantify such a new proven method of operation.

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