NASA Budget VS Social Programs

Balancing our quest for Space and its costs with the need of the people of our civilization is always at the top of the debate during NASA Budget hearings in the House and Senate. Some say that they think our primary planetary goal should be to colonize somewhere other than earth. Others cannot believe what they are hearing; "The primary goal. As in number one goal? Why do you say that?" They say what about freedom, free enterprise and stability of civilization too? Still in the end the debaters agree that it should be one of the top priorities.

Putting all your eggs in one basket, before you have complete control of that basket or system is risky for the survival of the species. Besides for the forward progress of mankind to be continuous, you must push the envelope and take those risks that others will not be willing to, so the other side of the debate does make a good point. We need to stay bleeding edge, such exploration is a human trait anyway and that should not be denied, rather fulfilled, to boldly go. Also what we learn will help us with the real answers we all seek.

Colonizing is a worthy step if it is done for the right reasons. And to that point one must agree that humankind has had a dismal record for respect for his current platform, the surface of this planet. Hopefully we have learned something. But one could argue that point as well. Many are not environmentalists by choice, but by observation and whole brain thinking one might lean that way, since we all participate in breathing, drinking the water and enjoying the abundance of that which is offered here on Earth, this unique in this solar system as many have hypothesized.

Some argue that Space Colonization should be primary and that everything else should be secondary until this is achieved. They also point to the many innovations learned from our space program citing many home appliances whose innovations were born from the NASA programs. Others say; "But you cannot have the future without sitting on a stable platform from which to jump off. You need a strong base also. Therefore the flows of civilization are a necessity. They say you cannot bid for the future living in pure anarchy. When discussing the flows of civilization, they are meaning; Water, Infrastructure, education, transportation, distribution, common language, common currency, original thought and such. Those flows must be secured to allow the free time to think, act, adapt and explore. If you are too busy infighting and clogging life with bureaucracy you will have crushed or killed the 100th monkey and then there is no advancement.

The hierarchy of needs for humans show we need both or all. I have never believed one has to make an 'either or' decision, but figure out a way to have both or all. The Triple Win Theory works best when you plan to accept 1000 variables using the simplest equation possible.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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