Cloaking the Postage Stamp Modern Aircraft Carrier

By using a special coating on the deck of an aircraft carrier and a projector on the top of the tallest communications mast facing down, we could project the image of the ocean onto the deck like a giant IMAX theatre screen. Although this sounds like a daunting task, it isn't really. There are many new materials, which are used on roadways, which allow for reflection for auto safety. Also many new materials and coatings being used, which absorb heat, radar, sound, etc. A combination of these materials and coatings on the deck of an aircraft carrier would protect it from aerial surveillance UAVs, high altitude blimps and some satellites. Observers in aircraft with less sophisticated electronics would not see it either. Some might think that our technology has not come along this far as of late, but I can assure you such a concept can not only be made possible but deployed in less than six months.

A Modern Aircraft carrier is a floating city with 3000 plus people aboard; every man or woman has a purpose on the ship and they work together like a team. A modern aircraft carrier might cost hundreds of billions of dollars and it is for that reason it becomes an immediate prize target to our enemy. The harder we make it to find, the more difficult the enemy will have in planning an attack. International terrorists make long term plans as they plot against us, if we take away the ship from view, they have nothing to hit, as they cannot even see it. Meanwhile this gives us additional time to hunt them down and eliminate said problem

A high definition camera would take a picture of the ocean ahead of the aircraft carrier where no wake has occurred and no white water and project that onto the deck. The Camera would be atop of the highest forward communication tower mast. To conceal the wake behind the carrier, several methods would be deployed. First an ELF pulsating wave to calm the waters. Second a polymer reflective liquid substance would be deployed which would dissolve after a few minutes, mimicking a liquid screen, which floats on top of the water. Third the cloaking device projector would be pointed at the wake to put the image of the ocean ahead of the carrier to the rear of the carrier as it moves. Using the surface of the water as the screen. After a few minutes the polymer sheen dissolves and the projector is out of range. Think about it.

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Cloaking the Postage Stamp Modern Aircraft Carrier

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