Environmental Eco-Terrorists Must Be Stopped

Eco-terrorists assume some how they are helping the environment, by causing news worthy events and starting forest fires or burning down developments. Yet in doing so they cause air pollution and kill animals. This type of energy they are exhibiting causing harm is bad. This level of high energy could be good energy and used in positive ways. America needs high energy from people to get stuff done and maintain the flows of our civilization, but these eco-terrorists are so misguided that it is upsetting the balance of things. They are doing more than terrorizing, more than polluting, they are tearing apart the fiber of America and causing a rift between smart environmental considerations and conservative movement. They must be stopped.

Where as everyone wants a clean environment why can't they use this energy and spirit for positive achievements and solutions? My thoughts are this; homeland security should lure the members of the eco-terrorist groups into web sites, and one by one infiltrate the group to do constructive and positive things and disband it without the media involved. Arrest the bad apples, re-direct the energy of those who mean well. The media will blow out of proportion anything they do, making them even more excited to do more and gather more crazies to their side. Every time they get press they will work harder to do more damage.

By keeping it out of the media and getting these people to grow up, everyone can win. But these guys are not all domestic eco-terrorists, the main group started in Canada, so in essence this makes them; international terrorist fringe trying to infiltrate our country and recruit domestic partners to assist in their evil-doer deeds. That scenario is very bad for America right now, and to call them the most dangerous domestic terrorists is even worse for everyone both short and long term. It gives them credibility and makes them infamous, that is a bad call. They must be stopped and they need to understand, they are hurting their own cause and causing fear in those who care the most. Eco-terrorist must be stopped, think about it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs

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