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Army Mobile Command Center for UAV Launch

After visiting the Denver RC Modeler Club one day as they practiced for the national finals in PHX that year, we attempted a touch and go landing on our Blitz Mobile, which is a 74 foot long NASCAR type truck and trailer. Probably nothing more than a Fighter Pilots son from the cold war wanting to re-invent the aircraft carrier concept on a almost nano scale? We were successful on doing a touch and bounce on the top of the trailer without too much difficulty. It appears that a tractor trailer rig specially designed with panels on top which folded out ward to extend the length of the flat surface on top would be adequate to launch and recover many hundred small UAVs. These UAVs could be launched one after another to form swarms for surveillance or to overwhelm the enemy. We did not have any automous UAVs with us on this day of testing and proving concept, but we did use a model aircraft, which was large enough to prove it will work. Here is the unit we used:

Now today the units are much more agile and better suited for such a mission. We also on that day launched the model airplane from the top of the truck with relative ease. Meaning an Army Command center such as this:,00.html

Would be sufficient. Now the aircraft or UAVs would be vertically stacked on the center in the back. Like a pez dispenser, when it was time to launch the first ten or twelve would be pre-assembled and in the spring activated dispenser, which raises them to the roof and then they would launch. They would fly to 300 feet, satellite would ping them for GPS verification and they would be released to autonomous flight. All the rest of the beginning sequence would be turned off and no frequency would be emitting or received only a blip every so often from satellite to pin-point position. If off track the satellite would send re-positioning data for 1-2 seconds and turn off again, terrain following would be sound waves from the UAV itself or from satellite, or even abort sequence to divert the aircraft straight down to self destruct. After the first few are launched other units could be quickly assembled and put in the pez dispenser elevator for the next launch sequence. One command center could carry up to 200-400 flying machines. UAVs. Do you think this could work? Think about it.

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