Why Can?t Our Brain Process What We See Faster?

Many who admire the excellent design of Mother Nature and the gift of vision and the enhancements thru evolution wonder; Why Can't Our Brain Process What We See Faster? A paper by G. Bugmann and J. G. Taylor suggests that retinal jitter is an issue and could be some of the reason for the delay in the process time, thus by eliminating the extraneous visual input data into the brain the retina would not attempt to over define the object, because it is not necessary, once the object is seen, in a lesser definition, it has been registered and the eye simply moves on.

Retinal jitter in the human system could become a non-issue by using a device, which attached to the skull as an upside down extra jaw bone type system, which could be pulled down over the eye which would take out the bumps using algorithm averaging of the object (s) being viewed. This would even out the bounces before the eye gets the information, therefore the retinal jittery being reduced could possibly cut the time of in processing by half because some of the relay events will no longer be needed will not be needed. Question being how small can we make such a device and would it need to be over both eyes? Since you would no longer need the eye's sight to cross in front of the other for distance measurements. Which also means that the eye-brain processing time has one less thing to do. When a human looks at a car, truck, boat, airplane, or even a cup of coffee, it taps the memory simultaneously for verification of that item. Once that item is discovered and recognized much of the visual input can be skipped over. Similar to Frame Bursting concepts in high-speed data transmissions, for instance here is a brief concept along that lines:


http://worldthinktank.ne t/wttbbs/index.php?showtopic=250

Once the object is identified as a car, helicopter, Jeep, Basket Ball, then the mind fills in the rest even if the eyes have not fully yet registered the rest. This can also occasionally fool us as our memory can over ride our observations in that we do not look for the anomalies associated with a similar but not exact match, but then our eyes continue to focus and bring the rest of the information to the brain. If the device attached figures out such details for our eyes and displays a picture quickly with less definition and features in a virtual reality form within the current perceived reality of the real world then the mind will be able to process this information faster once we have become accustomed to it.

Will our actual preference be changed as to which reality we rather prefer? Which perception we would rather be in, during observational visual stimulation? Perhaps, after all cartoons are quite fun to watch are they not? Would augmented reality help us take in more visual data faster when we most needed it in high risk and stress environments? Think about it.

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