A Case for Human Machine Visual Interface

Animation of personified reality is intriguing, memorable and interesting as well. Perhaps we ought to remember this when letting kids watch cartoons of attacking counter parts? Or maybe this is a good way to help them better understand the Machiavellian characteristics of the species before they enter the real world, where everything is not so warm and fuzzy.

Now then our current spectrum of view in the human eye is somewhat limited by Nature as we cannot see all the different bands of the spectrum. For instance we cannot see microwaves, sound waves, ELF, etc. We can see certain bands of natural light, often we can sense them or feel a buzz in our ears or heads, but we cannot see them. If we change the eye-brain devices to see the waves of all spectrums we maybe quite surprised at all this and it would surely reshape our perception of the world in 3D. If we could see all bands of light, sound, gravity, time, we would see endless colors and streams criss-crossing around us in a sea of light, waves and color. Since our current perception of the world is so different from such a reality, we may find ourselves somewhat uneasy as to the prospect. We might if we could see all this find ourselves visually over loaded as well.

Such a re-illuminated reality would surely take some getting use to indeed, but is also worthy of mention in that all those waves can be used for an excellent purpose in communication, knowledge and understanding of the whole picture. If we want the eye-brain, brain-interpretation sped up we are looking at only identifying those things we need to know for a given situation. For instance objects which will effect our movement, things which will affect our safety. By doing this, the mind has more random access memory to work on other things. With such increased abilities we can add more directional awareness such as the 360-degree view through an ad-hoc visual device interacting directly to the brain in the future as man and machine become one. It is very probable we can greatly improve upon Mother Natures Design; in fact some are so sure of it; that they are working on these things right now. Think about it.

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