Augmented Reality and 3D 360-Vision

We need a better vision system for the battlespace; an augmented reality 360-degree 3D device would solve many problems. This device could be very useful in wartime while flying a helicopter and much has been studied and many innovations have occurred with HUD in aviation. Whereas 360-degree informational awareness is of value, even more valuable would be a disassociated informational awareness.

If you study Zen and the masters of that level of thought and awareness, one could have complete awareness of 200 meters on any side of a road during ones travels, this of course would be of value if you were walking thru a jungle with lions and tigers which were hungry. It would be equally important to you if you were in heavy traffic on the freeway, crossing an intersection, walking down a dark alley in an inner city, doing patrols in Baghdad or playing a sport. One might liken it to being in the zone. And with new infrared devices, sonar, heat sensors, it is possible to have all this and more thru devices, which interact, interpret and deliver the data to the brain for the user.

Thus human-computer component interfaces can make us better at what we do. Now then what if we took all these devices and put them above us as we motivated ourselves within this new 5D environment? Projecting visual imagery from 40 meters above us like a bird's eye view looking down onto the events we are in fact immersed in? This could be done easily with technology such as clear balloons, UAVs, MAVs, SmartDust, Net-Centric Zoom images from Satellite, AWACS or other future device. Much work is being done in the field of aviation and combat Heads Up Displays or HUD;

It might also be done by using a projected beam parallel to the ground or slightly tilted and bouncing other waves off of the artificially created ceiling. (have drawings if this abstract thought causes a lapse in understanding). The waves bouncing off this barrier hit the surface and locate all objects and record information, such as the heat, frequencies associated with and molecular structure of each. All this could be possible with a little re-engineering of our current night vision systems, HUD systems, Virtual Reality goggles and hooking them to a completely computer enhanced brain interface. We can better Mother Nature's Design. Think about it.

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