Robotics Wars

If we are having difficulty getting recruits into the army; lets hire some robots? General Patton's famous quote goes "?an army moves on it's stomach" and if you look at the needs of humans to complete a mission they require much in the way of logistical support, where as robots do not, sure some, but much less and we are not just talking about chaplains, psyche councilors, medics, recruiters, human resource personnel and cooks. Any component under the Joint Chiefs is full of a complexity of needs. Yet often it has been philosophized that a nation needs to do something with its young males to continue the civilization without undo disruptions. There is a lot of testosterone involved in the human spirit, a component during the younger years of piss and vinegar, which propels one's thoughts.

Now then lets say for the sake of argument that we will not in the future period be willing to limit the human exposure to wars seeing as generally we are losing fewer and fewer people due to the increasing technologies and due to the fact that war has only killed 1% of the total number of people who have ever lived on the Planet and therefore somewhat insignificant even if it has in some way effected every single one of our family histories and heritage. We know we cannot immediately downsize our military in terms of people to the point of what it might be in the future and we also are aware that human kind is certainly not completed it's innate need for war and it appears that for the foreseeable future of let's say 60-100 years war will be a component of nation building, civilization control and economic reasoning. And in this present period we will in fact be using people as a major component of defending ourselves, fighting terrorists and promoting our political will over other lesser ethical natured folks for the common good of all humanity.

So in this case men and women will be fighting wars for many years in the future. Since we are made of flesh and bones we will need to adapt our human systems to work better and interface seamlessly with out new technological components of FutureWar systems, net-centric warfare and robotic exploits to fight and inevitably win wars.

So indeed then, we must consider how to best use such tools to the best of our abilities and modify our human systems to work at higher and more capable power settings. We will need to increase the processing power of the brain, control the extraneous input, develop faster reflexes, think in slightly a different way and use the whole track (racing term) the whole brain. We will need to control the spikes, frequencies, chemical make-up and pay attention to the genetic abilities of the member of the species in the helicopter, aircraft, control station, command center or leadership.

We are merely scratching the surface of such study now, but many are working on this, here is a thought on brain waves and propelling the brain to work at a higher level; (N400 Brain Wave Activation):

Using those who are best suited for certain jobs or have proven themselves at the top of the food chain to handle such tasks, yet also remember the lessons of the film; 'Gattica' since the human spirit and the human will is now and for ever will be the wild card which cannot be underestimated. There have been too many examples of individuals coming out of no where who have over achieved and out paced all competitors in nearly every aspect of life in this current perceived reality. Today in this topic, which is an ongoing observational study in progress we believe that the most important question one can ask would be that, which can only be answered with another question. For if we knew the answer to that question in advance it would be a subject taught in school. This subject is that of the future and uncharted territory for mankind. Are you ready to be thinking here.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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