Conspiring to Create Our Weather

Some say the weather is totally random and does not exist in any pattern. Even some academia wonder kids show us kaleidoscope pictures of randomness and say see; this is why we cannot predict the weather. Please people give me a break. Just admit it, you don't know anything, you are all faking it. We do not need a bunch of hunch, fed to us like sack lunch. My Grandfather was 200 miles off the coast of NJ during the WWII before the invasion of Normandy calling in the weather to the likes of Churchill and General Dwight D Eisenhower. Surely we have come along better than that? Others agree the problem of accurate weather prediction is immense:

and so are the calculations. Meanwhile the buoys used to measure temperatures of the water keep floating away and going AWOL from their posts.

So someone said well they maybe drifting but look at all this great data we are getting? No kidding people, please spare me the justification of a massive screw up. Now then people let me explain the only way in hell you are going to be able to predict weather. We must divide the altitudes with artificial boxes above the earth, then move beams of light, sound X-ray through those grids and then time each of the times through each grid, they will slow by thicker air. And then send sound waves through the same, which flow faster in thinner air, slower in thicker air and are affected by relative headwind and sped up by tailwinds. Then each data set for each box will tell you what the micro box reading is doing and how it will affect the whole macro areas of larger boxes. Divide to conquer. Then you will have the data you need to predict the weather and this is the first step in controlling the weather. Once these facts are known and the trends studied, then you can adjust the weather as you see fit by bombarding laser beams or chemical laser beams into each other or by sending in ELF into the area or invisible boxes which have various winds aloft and clouds and barometric requirements necessary already present to be adjusted and then folks it will not matter if you have a Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, Snow Storm, Hail, Rain, El Nino, LA Nina, Micro Burst, Cumuli Nimbus, or drizzle.

The way to control the weather therefore is to change temperatures in the cubic artificially outlined grids. If anyone is really serious about weather control or weather predictions, it will have to be modeled around this line of reasoning, since currently this is the only technology we have in existence in this present period. If we wait and weather the storm, pun intended, then we may have other possible solutions in the future.

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