Megaliths and Pole Flips

The changes in the earth magnetic field away from the 7.8 cycle rhythm that it has been for a long time is something that may be a result of the things man has done to the Earth. It is more likely part of the cyclical nature of the sun's effect on the Earth but we must keep an open mind. I used to think there was some possibility that the reason the Mammoths in the northern climes had buttercups inside their fast frozen mouths had to do with a pole shift of a physical nature. I do not think that is the case anymore. I present these thoughts for your careful consideration.

Faraday didn't need to see his soul in order to know it existed, but he wanted the rest of the world to know it existed. He and his Sandemanian cohorts practiced a personal meditative relationship with God/Goddess/It/The Force, which is most appropriate in my humble opinion. The extent to which our brain wavelengths can evolve or be altered is a subject of much research at present. I hear that Hank Wesselmann who was a researcher on the team that discovered Lucy has a very different brain state that gurus and healers can not easily achieve or maintain as long as he does. Some people think we are about to evolve or adapt to the collective mind state and I surely hope it happens quickly. The Quaker or Shaker non-ritualistic approach is very much like the Sandemanians who most people will never learn about. They are social activists who value real knowledge and use love as a guiding force in their lives ? other than 'Tricky Dicky' Nixon.

I think one of the carriers of 'World Mind' information is the Earth Energy Grid. Can I prove it? Can I weigh wisdom? Will we ever reach the point of being able to manifest a new paradigm if we insist we must see everything? I am a skeptic and I advocate questioning rather than using faith ? but at some point we can decide on the higher probability and work with what can achieve results even if we do not fully understand it. The earth energy affects our genes and allows a certain feedback mechanism that can be useful. I will probably never fully grasp enough of these things to make a significant contribution to the science of soul, but I wish I had been born knowing what I know now. The books just weren't available and the research is largely new. It is an exciting era and the opportunity to GROW has never been greater.

"Scientists have long known that certain minerals in molten rock, as they cool, become magnetized by the Earth's magnetic field, and are aligned with the planet's north and south magnetic poles. When the lava hardens, its magnetic field becomes permanent, and points north like a compass needle. A good compass needle can be locked in place with the turn of a screw. Likewise the hardened rock: unless the rock is moved or melted down, its magnetic field should point north forever.

One common kind of hardened lava is the black rock called basalt. Oddly enough, since the turn of the century, outcrops of basalt had been discovered here and there with their magnetic fields pointing in the wrong directions. Two Britishers, Patrick Blackett and S. Keith Runcorn, systematically testing basalt compass needles across North America and Europe found that rocks of different ages pointed off toward different spots on the horizon, like witnesses who disagree. To explain this, Blackett and Runcorn suggested at first that the poles, then that the rocks, and the continents they rest on, had wandered too." (6)

Could we be so wise as to admit the ancients might have known how to place the megaliths in Neolithic times so that a form of computer self-powering macrochip was created? Magnetometer readings show the same wavelength or cycles thereof in the megaliths and the Great Pyramid. Could the Great Pyramid and its earlier smaller capstone model have been the CPU or central processing unit in league with an attuned priesthood? Was there ever a crustal shift? There is drift in the continental and tectonic movements as well as rising earth when the glaciers retreat that is going on to the present day. It takes thousands of years for the earth's crust to rebound from miles of glacier ice on top of it.

"At first, the researchers assumed that these reversals would prove to have occurred regularly, every million years or so, regular as the ticks of a clock. And indeed, Cox recalls wryly, their first data seemed to fit this pattern. ('I think that it's always true that if you don't have very much data, it will fit your theory.') But then they began to find reversals that had lasted a mere 100,000 years. For a while thereafter they said the ticking is slightly irregular, but at last they had to acknowledge that it is totally irregular, random. 'For me, this was a very frustrating experience,' Cox says. 'Scientists always like to find some very simple, regular pattern in nature. You're always looking for order. And the odd kind of order we found was almost perfect disorder.' Two decades ago, Allan Cox and Brent Dalrymple proved that the Earth's magnetic field can flip-flop, its north and south magnetic poles suddenly reversing. This has happened nine times in the past four million years, and it may happen again quite soon. The discovery led to a momentous change in the way we view the Earth?.

What is more, if the sea floor has spread, the oceans must have grown, the continents must have moved. Wegener, it seemed was right too. Virtually overnight, confirmed 'fixists' became 'mobilists' and 'drifters'. Wegener's theory had been tooted off the stage because he could not explain what forces move the continents. By the late 1960s, it was 'still' unclear what propelled all this motion, but the evidence for the motion itself was inescapable. New converts cited what is sometimes called Ayer's law: 'What 'has' happened, 'can' happen.' Earth scientists old and young had to adapt themselves to Wegener's vision of a restless and driven globe." (7)

Jim Bowles has a mathematical formula for rotational bending that might explain some of the ways that the Earth Energy Grid alters the inertia or gravity forces which would keep things stationary. There is a lot left to learn about all these things. Unfortunately Jim is proud of his formula and thinks it supports Hapgood and the sudden crustal shift theory. The astrological insights to how Earth, Moon, Sun and Water affects us from the moment of conception have a lot more validity than most modern academics will allow but not as much as scholars thought a couple of centuries ago perhaps.

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