Big Bang or Lots of Big Fire Crackers?

There are many who talk about the Big Bang Theory. Although no one can be sure what went bang? Steven Hawking suggests it does not matter what went bang, because we will never know, so let's think on things we can know. Interesting comments indeed, others suggest you cannot have a big bang without having something that went bang. Therefore they say the big bang theory is hogwash. Still others say God created it all? Yet the critics of that concept say; "Well who created God then?"

Lately a new theory has emerged that each dimension has a boundary and those boundaries interfere with other dimensions and when this happens they create singularity? Yet they say that each boundary is not flat but bumpy and as each boundary touches a piece of another boundary they create events which lead to the creation of debris and matter we know as planets, suns, quasars, black holes, etc..

If the universe is expanding and then it contracts back together it would not come into a super small piece of matter, since as it contracts the collisions would be like a fire cracker and send the matter back out. Similar to molecules inside a beach ball, but where the beach balls out limits were uneven due to the chaos. If the big bang had a singularity at its inception it is possible, yet when was the singularity? We could be on cycle number 10,000 of contraction to a very small and then expansion to the very large; a bubble whose boundaries are in constant change. So what we may call the beginning was merely the last cycle where contraction turned to expansion as the volume went to the lowest point and then changed directions. Like the bottoming of a stock market stock chart?

As other dimensions of energy or some energy and some matter; coincide with ours and as their boundaries affect ours or end up eventually colliding with ours we will see a fire cracker effect or maybe we will be completely wiped out by the first event. But we may see many events from a distance over a long period of time spanning hundreds of thousands of years as the energy from one universe merges with another. Or it might be instantaneous and over in a flash. As such a collision or merging takes place; in this time period we will be affected more and more by the energy of the other, as they will be affected by ours; if life exists or is able to exist as we know it in the other dimension or if life is actually energy itself in one or both dimensions.

When people talk about the Big Bang, they obviously cannot know what went bang or if the singularity did take place; many believe it did, however there are those who are skeptical of it all. If you have thoughts on such issues, why not join us online at the World Think Tank; Any way think on it and see what you come up with.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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