Ocean Polymer Goo to Stop Enemy Ships, a Concept

Naval blockade using polymer goo to stop fleeing ships might be possible. In this concept we will use the goo to stick to the bottom of the opposing navy's vessels. Is operation; "Salad Bowl" a secret weapon? No, blockades have been going on since warships have been used. It is merely another tactic in the arsenal as the modern use of blockades moves forward. Currently we are opposed by an enemy, which is running out of ways to attack us and therefore is looking desperately for new ways to disrupt our flows. This of course will not work long term, but as they try and fight the inevitable to the end and as that end draws nearer we are seeing thru their underground correspondence and call to action, such directions as attacking our ports, harbors, pipelines and supply chains. We know our enemy and we know they know about construction, shipping, oil and are involved in high finance, thus as we saw inn the 9-11 attacks use of such knowledge using a non-linear approach.

We can expect additional attempts on our facilities, supply routes and even attempts to get nuclear weapons into our ports. We must use all available opportunity to show force, strength and power against such potential eventualities. Use of the Salad Bowl Technique is a very important non-lethal use of technology. By slowing or stopping the enemy we control all the chips and can then negotiate a surrender, if not we blow them out of the water which could be catastrophic for the environment, enhance the enemies resolve for further revenge or reciprocal response against our over seas assets or business interests. Such as oil pipelines, hotels, embassies, philanthropic organizations, allies or refineries.

Stopping a single ship is much easier as the "goo" mixture could be airdropped directly in its path by approaching the vessel head on from 100 feet off the deck while simultaneously instituting a directional electronic attack. The Goo would be immediately activated and agitated from the cargo plane airdrop. The unexpected ship would have only seconds to respond, not knowing what was going on or even hearing the aircraft until it was almost upon it. The "goo" would spread quickly and gum up the rudder and propeller. Several large cargo planes could lay down a stripe ten football fields wide along with smoke screen. An attempt to shoot down an aircraft with chafe would be in vain and the mission would be over almost as soon as it started. The ship would be floating in goo for three days stuck. Any attempt to get unstuck would only add to the dilemma and exacerbate the problem of the enemy ship. Any attempt to abandon the ship would render all lifeboats also stuck for the duration of the gooey mess's useful half-life or natural decomposition rate due to the salt water dissolving characteristics of your goo.

If you are unable to negotiate with the International Terrorists as is often the case or you simply choose not to, then you can come in with an AUV shaped like a knife, which could in fact travel into the gooey mess. The AUV would be dropped by one of the three to five aircraft dropping the goo mixture after the drop past the ship and it would swim back monitoring the information of the ship. Has it's engines stopped, has it been disabled, are boats abandoning the ship, has the ships communication system been totally disabled by the EA part of the mission? All information would be relayed to satellite. If the ships continues or evades the goo some how, the AUV will pursue following closely. The AUV will have a small door and extended arm and cut a couple of holes in the bottom of the ship and let it sink at the time of your choosing and calculate the buoyancy to sink it the way you want to? Slow, fast, stern first capsize it onto the starboard side, whatever you wish? Perhaps you want to tip it over to cocoon it from environmental impact sinking it upside down? You do not have to deal with the humans aboard trying to hamper your efforts. The AUV could seal up the holes on the bottom of the ship or topside as it lies on the bottom. Environmentalists are happy, sea life safe, international terrorist threat gone. Next Target!

You might choose to attack stranded ship by air with a smart weapons using non-explosive high velocity missiles which went thru the ship thru the lower levels and the ship would sink as it takes on goo and water. Or use it for target practice for the US Navy for three days, as we seem to be running out of target practice ranges these days with all the islander complaints? Think on this crazy concept, you think it could work?

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