Using Mosquito MEMS to Collect DNA Samples

Soon scientists will have scaled down robotic insects. This is a good thing and most of this technology is being funded for Department of Defense uses as they will have a killer application there indeed. Miniature replica type bugs can go and collect DNA samples of the enemy, inject them with a sleeping type virus so they lose their will to fight or even get out of bed for that matter for a few days, thus your enemy is rendered useless without their will to fight.

But such Mosquito type Mechanical Electrical Mechanisms will also be able to go into an area where there is an E-Bola breakout, or Bird Flu and take samples to see which strain it is and report back with the collected blood samples along with DNA for those in the lab to engineer a response to the disease, virus, pathogen or bacteria. If you will recall the movie; "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise the little spider like robots went into an area to do door by door searches and do retina scans while looking for the perpetrator of a future crime. This is along that line of thinking but for a more noble purpose than door-to-door government searches or the all seeing and knowing paranoid Sci-Fi future Earth Government.

The tiny insect like units would go in and do their job and collect information. Test for all sort of things without you ever knowing about it. Additionally the welt marks from organic insects like Mosquitoes would not occur as the design of the sample nano-scale robotic arm "stinger type" apparatus, would not be barbed and thus would not cause tissue damage on the way out or secrete any substance which was aggressive to the human bio-system. For a defense these small collecting Nano-Micro Air vehicles would have a small electrical impulse to keep bats, spiders and larger bugs from trying to eat them. They also would be barely visible to the eye as they would have a coating or skin, which is nearly transparent and thus your brain would not pick them up or register them as an anomaly or detect their movement. If the lighting was just right then you might see them, but would realize that they are merely there for us and to monitor our civilization health. When humans came back with problems other Mechanical Mosquitoes would show up with antidotes to illnesses or insert other nano-devices into the human bio system to clean blocked arteries, remove plaque from the brain and repair, remove or eat cancer cells.

Sounds too futuristic? You might be surprised, give it 50-80 and at maximum 100 Earth years. As each technology necessary to make this happen becomes available it will be so and with life expectancy creeping up on us as well, along with life extension sciences it will be in our lifetime. Think on this

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