CCTV Decoy Registration System

Avoiding cameras? Gotcha, what are you trying to hide from. Cameras in Subways and airports often do not get a face shot good enough for face recognition software. There is a solution to this dilemma which can assist us in catching would be International Terrorists on watch lists. When we look over the video on television from the London Train Bombing we see many images from not so good angles, from this the authorities are asking all citizens foreign and domestic to help identify those in the photos. The photos being of course a single frame from a full motion video Close Circuit Television Surveillance System. We all know that such cameras are not so good and often the perpetrator is looking away from the camera at the time when they pass by? Of course those who are perpetrators know where the cameras are and they purposely look away.

The answer to this problem is to have hidden cameras, which can catch a different angle and dummy cameras to get them to look away and move their faces into full view of the real hidden camera. Decoy cameras are often used when the cost to have a full system is too costly for the business and the decoy camera generally causes thieves to go somewhere else to commit a crime, some place where they have a better risk-reward scenario; i.e. a place where the chances of getting caught are less. By using this decoy camera theory and getting the bad guys to turn and look away from the cameras, they will turn to look at the actual camera, then we will have the clear shot we need to catch them. Then when you put the images on T.V., those who know the persons very well or have seen them will give you much better tips when they call in.

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