Is Thought Evident in Plants?

Who would have thought that a plant could be a witness to a crime ? and even testify against the perpetrator? Well, it is true! In the early 1970's experiments were done on ordinary houseplants, by researchers who connected a polygraph machine to a plant.

An interesting thing happened ? the researchers discovered that their plants actually recognized their owners, they responded to being talked to and praised, and they also fainted when exposed to negative thoughts or words, or violence directed at them. One experiment involved two plants in a room and an anonymous person was instructed to go into the room and violently destroy one of the plants. Later, the untouched "witness" plant was connected to the polygraph machine and the researchers had several people, one at a time, come into the room where the plant was hooked up to the polygraph machine. When the guilty person entered the room the needle on the machine went crazy!

Plants do have some kind of thought process, and they react to love and hate, and physical violence. But thought also has another vital purpose; evolution.

An example of thought and evolution being connected is the African elephant. The matriarch of the herd has ivory tusks that are highly prized by hunters and demand a large price tag on the black market. The survival and well being of the rest of the herd depends on her maturity and experience to lead them across the African plains each season. In the last fifty years there has been a trend in the female elephant not developing tusks; and a BBC News report dated September 25, 1998 reads, Elephants 'ditch tusks' to survive. "Experts?say elephants are losing their tusks as a rapid and effective evolutionary response to escape slaughter by ruthless and resourceful poachers who kill elephants for their ivory trophies." We don't know what or where our thought process comes from, but perhaps it is as tiny as the cell itself. It has always been easier to see the results of thought in animals and to believe that only they and us could possibly have this attribute, but we have to be able to think outside the paradigms of ordinary everyday life.

God created everything, animate and inanimate. We are all connected, plants, animals, and even the inanimate objects in our universe. It all came from the same "mixture" that Jesus spoke about in Pistis Sophia and the Bible. It all has "life". The problem seems to be that we don't define "life" to encompass all.

Reference has been made to the following book: The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird

Cindy DeJager is the owner of Rosetta Stone Press, a mystical and metaphysical publisher in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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