The Harmonic

The Harmonic

In a good history book by a leading light in the field of history, I recall Michael Grant saying Pythagoras was 'weird'. This book is The Rise of the Greeks and he does almost admit he is not qualified to judge the great sage, which is more than many academics will allow. None of us should expect he could judge 'bi-location' or the musical octaves and their connection to the Singing of the Spheres. However, it would be nice to see these researchers (are not historians supposed to research?) ask people who are knowledgeable about alchemy and present their opinion if they are willing to call Pythagoras 'weird'. Much of what Pythagoras learned from the Great Pyramid and in his healing of people was involved with harmonics and the pentagon-dodecahedron that understands the Earth Energy Grid. He is not the only person who used these secret knowledge systems. The re-routing of the river by the followers of Pythagoras (in Croton/Bruttium, Italy) may have had something to do with this secret knowledge. This was almost considered a legend until recent archaeologic digs found the site of Sybaris, which was aligned on the side of Etruria against the Bruttii and other Kelts of the north. This important point in history led to the creation of a Roman Empire and Rome itself. So much for the statements of Masons, who say they are Pythagoreans and teach his Golden Section, yet maintain they are not political.

In discussing the harmonics of Omega stations placed around the planet by the United States, Bruce Cathie writes in The Earth Energy Grid:

"It at once became obvious that the position was an ideal one. The station fitted on to the grid as though one had been tailor-made for the other (see map). I produced the grid map years before Omega was ever heard of, and I have no claims to being clairvoyant. It can be no accident that the site fits in so neatly with the grid system; I'm certain that the station was planned years ago by those in charge of the earth-bound project to explore the grid system.

From Alpha to Omega ? from the beginning to the end; from earth to the stars.

There are some on this planet who already have possession of all the necessary knowledge to make citizens of space of us all.

When will they let us in on the secret?" (12)

TArk of the Covenant was an arc transmitter developed for the purpose of making maps of the whole world and an ancient Morse code system. The Hadji Ahmed map from over 12,500 years ago may not be the best proof but you should know about it (I do think it has parts that are the ancient secrets of the North American traders but is weak in other areas.). It shows the Bering Land Bridge as it was and yet we didn't know this until 1958. It has been around for 500 years or so and is traced from earlier maps. Given the receptivity of quartz on sceptres in electrical storms I can easily see the piezo electric flashes therefrom would have led to what the engineers can reconstruct using the Bible as their guide. Such harmonic or etheric events would have been great magic in the distant reaches of human cultural evolution. The Field Theory of Faraday and Tesla is a verdant open and welcoming minefield for science to explore today. Cathie deals with a little of Tesla in the next work that is also researchable in Christopher Dunn's book titled Giza Power Plant.

"The whole system acted as a gigantic electrical pump, and enabled Tesla to cause massive discharges of energy to oscillate between the earth and the surrounding atmosphere. During his experiments with this fantastic piece of equipment he caused bolts of lightning to issue forth from the copper ball {Numa had electrical devices in Roman times that are in the British Museum} into the air, and manmade thunder to scare the living daylights out of the populace for miles around. He finally succeeded in burning out the generating plant at Colorado Springs due to electrical overload placed upon it. This did not, of course, make him too popular with the local council, and he had to carry out extensive repairs to the plant before he was able to continue with his work.

He discovered that a rate of 150,000 oscillations a second, which produced electrical pulsations with a wavelength of 2000 metres, was necessary to produce the effects he required in the transmission of usable power through the earth.

If we convert the wavelength of 2000 metres to a minute of arc, or nautical mile equivalent on the earth's surface the result is 1.0792237. The experimental value was therefore very close to 1.08 minutes of arc, or one twenty thousandth of the circumference of the earth, 21600 minutes divided by 1.08.

The exact number of cycles to obtain a 1.08 minute wavelength would be 149892.18 per second. This would tune the transmitter in harmony with the world grid system.

In the early stages of my work I wondered why I could not obtain pure harmonics from all my calculations when dealing with physical substance ? that is, exactly 144 for the light harmonic etc. Tesla stated that it was not possible to obtain pure resonance or harmonic vibrations, because if this were so than matter itself would disintegrate. A certain amount of resistance must be allowed for it to prevent complete destruction of physical substance.

He tested his theory of power transmission by lighting 200 incandescent lamps at a distance of twenty-six miles from the laboratory while the oscillator was operating ? the energy being extracted directly from the earth. Each lamp required about 50 Watts of power ? a total of 13 hp. The claimed efficiency was 95 percent.

THE CENTURY MAGAZINE ran an article in the June edition of 1900 stating comments made by Tesla regarding his Colorado experiments: 'However extraordinary the results shown may appear, they are but trifling compared with those obtainable by apparatus designed on these same principles. I have produced electrical discharges the actual path of which, from end to end, was probably more than 100 feet long; but it would not be difficult to reach lengths 100 times as great. I have produced electrical movements occurring at the rate of approximately 100,000 horsepower, but rates of one, five or ten million horsepower are easily practicable. In these experiments, effects were developed incomparably greater than ever produced by any human agencies and yet these results are but an embryo of what is to be.'

Tesla now had all the information he required to set up a station to transmit power to any point in the world, but before we move on to discuss his later activities let us have a closer look at the site he chose in Colorado where he tested all his theories and found positive proof of the harmonic structure of nature. In one of his unpublished articles he had stated in part that: 'Long ago he (man) recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasa or Luminiferous Ether, which is acted upon by all life-giving prana or creative force, called into existence, in never-ending cycles, all things and phenomena. THE PRIMARY SUBSTANCE, THROWN INTO INFINITESIMAL WHIRLS OF PRODIGIOUS VELOCITY, BECOMES GROSS MATTER; THE FORCE SUBSIDING. THE MOTION CEASES AND MATTER DISAPPEARS, REVERTING TO THE PRIMARY SUBSTANCE.'

His experiments had shown him (as I had found in my own bumbling way) that matter was nothing more than a complex matrix of wave-forms locked together by harmonic resonance. The energy inherent in matter could be tapped if the secret of the geometric structure of the wave-forms could be broken?.

So: for the theoretical latitude position we have:

Distance to the North Pole = 51.174548 degrees
Distance from the equator = 38.825453
Difference = 12.349095
Divided by 6 = 2.05818225 units
Multiplied by 2 = 4.116365
Squared = 16.9444

The harmonic 169444 is related to MASS, Gravity and COMMUNICATION and is demonstrated many times in my later works. The method of calculation also follows a regular pattern. The great circle displacement between longitude 104◦ 52' 22" west and 90◦ 00' 00" west, at the same latitude, also sets up an important harmonic. The value: 694.44 minutes of arc. This is the reciprocal harmonic of the Grid speed of light, 144000 minutes of arc per Grid second, in free space.

Tesla must have been well aware of the importance of the position he chose, but kept the reasons a closely guarded secret.

It is interesting to note that in this same area the military have chosen to set up the greatest electrical complex in the world ? the North American Defence Command, NORAD. I am not telling tales out of school here because other publications have already pointed this fact out.

? From a public point of view though, one of the reasons becomes clear why the work and discoveries of Tesla remain suppressed: 'the military application of his discoveries has been considered far more important than the welfare of the ordinary citizen of the world.'" (13)

Tesla also said that he had developed a death ray that could kill at a great distance. Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden USAF (Ret.) has developed many of Tesla's discoveries and the applications may be worse than just a simple death ray or protective field. Some applications include what is being done in mind control at a distance. Tesla developed the Unified Force Field which I think might be part of what is going on near Taos, New Mexico. It was being worked on by the Russians near Korea in the mid-80s according to a Chicago Tribune article I read. They talked about a Korean airliner that flew through suddenly extreme cold space. His work with the Philadelphia Experiment led to age regression through Time Travel but it was very dangerous.

In an earlier business incarnation of mine I employed Leposova Tesla. She was proud of her ancestor but like most people she knew little about the science behind his work which includes the invention of the radio. The U.S. Patent Office gave him the patent 25 years after his supporters sued for him and took it away from Marconi. He developed AC current and the Niagara Falls project that he had dreamed about for most of his life. There is a Museum on Goat Island in the Niagara River that honours him. There are many things of the world around you that have been part of his technological legacy including Neon lights, but this author is right about the far greater potential applications and the military or government uses or misuses. I find the actions of the Rothschild front man (J. Pierpont Morgan) especially reprehensible in his treatment of Tesla's inventions and the steel alloy or other knowledge of Col. Churchward that they grabbed as well. Tesla died poor and some say his heart was broken but it was not due to a woman. He never had relations with another human.

His biography, the book named White Dove is one I enjoyed. There are rumours that Tesla did not die as stated in this book. If you follow the career of John von Neumann who was involved with Tesla in the Philadelphia Experiment then you might understand why this could be true. I include the recent use of ancient knowledge to demonstrate it is not mere fabrication or myth such as it has been characterized as being by the normative academics. You cannot read too much about the life and work of Nicola Tesla.

From what source in history could these sciences have come? Where is the proof?

The Gothic Cathedrals of Europe and their imitations throughout the world have been designed to include the knowledge of the Great Pyramid, and these harmonic effects that are focussed through the physical placement of architectural forms. The Templars built them under Papal passport in a time when no one else could move freely around that oppressive part of the world which now views itself so highly. You might be amazed to hear about the rock wall in New Zealand that mirrors the Tiahuanaco precision fit. I am no longer amazed by the likes of Yonaguni and a semi-step Pyramid there which might date to 17,000 years ago. I know there was a worldwide culture that you should know was able and adept in matters of the soul and spirit. We all must learn from our soul. I think Jesus knew 'We are all the children of God', as well as any adept.

When he was dying I do not believe he said 'My God, why hast thou forsaken me?' It makes more sense to me that he was speaking Maya language and said 'I faint, I faint, darkness is coming over my face.' Why would a real adept talk of God forsaking him, especially if he were 'the only begotten' and co-equal of God along with the Holy Ghost?

Malta and the Tarim Basin join Puma Punku near Tiahuanaco as major research centers for initiates to study as I see it. How many such adept observatories exist and how many initiates or schools there were is anyone's guess. I am sure the Mayan people had one before they came to Mayan lands over 8,000 years ago, and that might be Puma Punku. I favour the idea that mountain tops in many places had these schools going back to at least 50,000 years ago. People I work with have sent me such proofs in Alaska and Iowa but the academics have tried to destroy them. Thus we are not talking about the Kelts or Phoenicians as a genetic grouping but rather the ethical Brotherhood and such things as Mu/Mungo Man or Timbuktu. I have often shared words with Rod Schmidt who is a member of a forum of archaeologists and linguists I was invited to join, I think Inyo was one of the ancient ashram/universities.

"INYO, the name of a county, mountain range and petroglyph site in Inyo County, California; Nearest community, Lone Pine, California. First brought to public attention in ESOP, Volume 8, Part 1, 1979. and Saga America, 1979. Both reports by Dr. Barry Fell. Later learned to be home of the worlds oldest animation by R. Schmidt. The site is a complete solar observatory having heliolithic notation to both solstices, the equinox and 2 cross quarter markers. See for an explanation of what the animation represents. Inyo has revealed itself to be a religious site held in reverence until the destruction of the local Native American cultures by U.S. Military forces. Inyo has suffered major destruction under the "protections" of the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management who leased the area as a quarry to commercial business. Estimates have about 50% of the original location destroyed by U.S. Government authorized mining activities. Continued destruction is assured under the current BLM management located in Bishop, California. At this location there are recognized Arabic (2 examples hundreds of years apart in content and context) Punic, (2 examples) and Celtic (3 examples cited) and much more still under investigation. The archaeologist's reports are available at: The epigrapher's reports are available at:"

Author of over 60 books - some can be found at, Columnist for The ES Press Magazine, Author of Diverse Druids

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