Discover the Magical Power of Pulling Heartstrings ...Its Mindblowing!

I wish you never have to go through that kind of pain!

Last week, I was on the breath-taking island of Puerto Rico at a resort on the beach enjoying the crashing waves of the ocean and the cool breeze. If you don't know by now, I am an observer. I love to observe people and their behavior.

Maybe I have been living under a rock. But I had no idea that so many people had tattoos on their bodies. Honestly, I am not a tattoo fan. The way I see it, I probably would go along with any trend, as long as it wasn't something that was permanent.

I would want to be sure that I could get rid of it if my belief changed, and/or after I had realized what I had done was silly and stupid. But that's just me.

Although I would never have a tattoo put on myself, I admit that many of the ones I saw were really beautiful and true works of art. And so, now my tattoo antenna was up. Suddenly I began to notice people with tattoos everywhere. It's almost as if the trend just started.

This week, a woman at the post office took me back to Puerto Rico. She was standing in front of me in line. And guess what? Yes, she had a tattoo on the right side of the back of her shoulder.

It was a great picture of Stevie Nicks. Oh, and for those of you who don't know who Stevie Nicks is, well, we have something in common. I had no idea who in the world she was until my waiting-in-line companion told me.

Without getting too into it, Stevie Nicks is a light rock singer who was hot in the 60's and 70's. Now the big question: Why in the world someone would go through so much pain to tattoo a total stranger on his or her back? Can you guess? Well, I can.

It all comes down to emotion. In this case, it's pleasure. Emotion is a little word that rules our world. I bet you that the lady tattooed Stevie on her shoulder because of the way Stevie's music makes her feel.

It's obvious that it must be a deep-seeded emotion. It was so deep that the woman made a lifetime commitment to carry the photo of a stranger on her back! Now that is a true fan!

Would you like for others to carry you, perhaps in their hearts and minds for a lifetime? Well, go out and start making people feel great and you will have friends for life.

You see, you don't have to be a doctor in order to operate on someone's heart! Have you ever noticed how some people change their colors when you shower them with high praise? I am telling you, a chain of chemical reactions take place at the moment a "heart is touched." Try it and observe.

Emotion is what makes the world go round. But keep in mind that I am talking about pleasurable emotion. And with repetition, it can undoubtedly cause others to want to tattoo you on their backs.

Right now, no matter where you are, you have the power to make someone feel good. And it doesn't cost one red cent to make that happen. All you have to do is to give an elevating compliment or do an unexpected favor.

It's unlikely that this one act of kindness would create that effect. But with repetition, you can definitely achieve the same warm result.

The opposite is also true. If we keep pinching others' self confidence or verbally abuse them, they will tattoo us on their jerk list. What I really want to say is their sh _ t list. You get my point.

Let me know when someone tattoos your face on his or her back.

I wish you incredible success!

Rene Godefroy is the award-winning author of No Condition is Permanent, a motivational keynote speaker and business consultant who shares ideas and strategies that helps individuals achieve extraordinary results in theirs lives.

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