Tactile Pressure Sensors for Future Robotics

Scientists and Robotic Researchers are attempting to design human type personal assistance robots. As they work to develop algorithms, which most resemble the thought processes of the human brain others are attempting to make them more life like thru human behavioral techniques of mirroring and facial features. Soon robots will be very much like humans, on the outside that is. Robotic humanoid devices will assist us in many of our needs. Imagine a robotic companion, it might take a walk in the park with you, go jogging or even spot for you lifting weights at the gym. As we get older and cannot do certain things for ourselves our robotic companions will be by our side as caregivers, helping with our life transitions.

The robots will be built very strong with special materials, which will not easily decay. Their strength will be that of the Bionic Man or Woman able to life heavy objects or re-arrange furniture while you command different ideas. "Move the couch over there, no, no, no good; how about over there, hmm, no what about here?" The robot does not care and will be happy to oblige without back talk, well unless it is programmed too? When interacting with humans, robots will have to be cognizant not to over power you or break your bones. Imagine have over dinner guests and the robot assistant is pouring wine, but squeezes too hard and breaks the bottle or tries to shake hands with your guests and breaks their arms?

Well scientists are way ahead of us on this dilemma, in fact they have it all figured out already:


In fact your robotic assistant with additional programming might be able to go to work for you? Perhaps you are a doctor, well then send in the robot which has sure and steady hands, better than yours, never gets fatigued and can do a surgery for 14 hours straight without error or stress? Tactile Glove Systems (TGS) have been researched for years and now are almost as sensitive as a human hand. You will not have to worry about our silicon chip friends; they will be fine; think on this, the future is nearly upon us.

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