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The Power of Focusing on What Vs. How

We see it and do it enough times to know just how it works. Resolutions are set, goals written down, strategic action plans put in place. And where does it end up? More often than not, we don't lose the weight, we don't keep the budget, we don't straighten out the relationship ? whatever it is we were after, frustration or despair get in the way and we end up at square one.

But getting what we want is easy ? REALLY EASY - if we just change our approach. Believe it or not, it isn't about more action, or stronger resolve, or reading yet another self-help book. A simple understanding of one principle changes everything! With the snap of your fingers, you can have/be/do anything you dream of ? without the effort you think it requires.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's the only thing that IS true ? so read on, unless you're committed to doing it the hard way!

Power of the Law of Attraction

You've heard of the Law of Attraction, right? "Like attracts like." But do you understand how this works in daily life? What you may not realize is that your thoughts, feelings and emotions send out vibrations that the "Universe" responds to in like fashion. So when you're feeling good, you're sending out good vibrations and thus good things enter your world. When you're feeling bad on the other hand, you're sending out bad vibrations, and bad things, events, people, etc. find their way to you.

Understanding this not only explains your current state of affairs, but also gives you an incredible tool to make life what you want it to be. All we need to do is align our thoughts, feelings and emotions with what we want. That means we'll be vibrating on that "want" and the Law of Attraction dictates that it will be delivered, exactly as ordered.

Let's look at how this shows up in real life for us. This isn't a phenomenon that you just choose to put to work whenever you think about it. This is at work every minute of every day! It never stops!

What Do You Want?

What vs. How says that rather than focus on actions to solve your perceived problem, your better off focusing on What. What is it you want? Six new clients this week? Buns of steel? A boyfriend for Valentine's?

In pursuing a goal of six new clients, for example, we might be inclined to jump into action. We might devise a marketing plan, network for referrals, or call prospects like mad. If we take this action, though, while we're concerned about not getting new business, or worried about how to cover expenses, or believing there's no way we can really get six in one week, we're vibrating something contrary to what we want. We've fallen into the "How" trap and set ourselves up for failure.

On the other hand, if we first became crystal clear about what we want, and relish the feelings of getting it, we're now vibrating in perfect alignment with what we want. As we do that, we may be inspired to take certain actions, like networking or advertising ? or maybe not. Regardless, because of the Law of Attraction, we will receive what we want when we are in alignment with it. This is the power of focusing on "What!"

Focus on What, Not How!

"How" doesn't matter ? it's all about "What" we're sending out. Think of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions as a sort of cosmic boomerang, where whatever you send out comes right back to you.

Now, if you find it easier to focus positively on gaining six new clients while you're taking frenzied action, then that's one way to do it. This brings up an opportunity to examine your belief system, but the important thing to know is that getting what you want isn't achieved solely by actions you take. It's how you feel about those actions ? it's WHAT you're feeling, rather than HOW you're going about it.

It's all about What, not How. So the next time you're stumped as to why you're not getting what you want, stop and ask yourself what you're vibrating. The key is in the What, not the How!

Jeannette Maw is a Law of Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching. Learn more about the Law of Attraction and how it can help you at

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