The Power of Letting What is Be Okay

Have you been in that "black hole?" That is the place that is so dark and keeps sucking you in. It can seem like there is no way out, so what is the use of going on.

I just emerged from one recently. It was seemingly more distressing because I am such a "positive" person. The truth is I have fears and doubts like anyone else.

I am a believer in creating my reality from the thoughts and feelings I send out. I know that the experiences I was having (and kept attracting) were a result of being stuck in a low vibration. I had a series of rushing into decisions and paying for them later. Even being aware of this did not prevent me from doing it all over again.

I was fortunate enough to work through this with my life coach. I was able to see the underlying issue of lack of self-esteem and feeling on a subconscious level that I was not deserving of the abundance life has to offer, was a core issue for me.

The powerful part of the act of going through this was the fact that I felt it. I worked through it and experienced it on a deep level.

There is so much today about the law of attraction (which does control your reality), but I feel there is a component of this that may be misunderstood. I am the first to agree that my job is to feel better and to raise my vibration. If I were to have just reached for the thought that felt better and not worked through the feelings, most likely they would have risen up at a later time.

I was present in my feelings and experienced them on a physical level. I let them be in my body and work from there. It is a great gift to be able to process this and have someone there to guide me through it.

I am writing about my experience because I believe it is a gift to those that are struggling with their own "black holes" and trying to change their point of attraction. There is a fine balance in knowing when to "just get off it" and move on, and going deeper into it and moving through it. I know that a huge part of this process is letting what is be okay. Until you are at peace with the place you are now, you are stopping the process. So maybe that "black hole" you are in now is the gift to usher you into the next level in your life.

I often think of the wise words of Byron Katie ( when she said, "Don't be spiritual, be honest." Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to be human and feel your truth.

If you would like to work through your journey with a Life Coach, please contact me for a free ½ hour conditional consult.

Nancy Heimstra, Life Coach

Nancy Heimstra, Life Coach
[email protected]

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