Create a Climate for Success by Mastering Your Total Image - Part 1

Your Total Image is made up of several essential components:

? Your Hidden Image ? attitude, honesty, confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, ability and experiences

? Your Reputation ? what others think about you based on past experiences; often second or third-hand

? Your Visual Image ? dress, grooming and external factors

? Your Experienced Image ? your expressions of courtesy and caring, your body language and communication skills

? Your Proven Image ? personal experience with you over time

These areas must be considered and managed to ensure long-term success in your professional and personal life. In this article, we'll discuss one aspect of your Total Image: Your Hidden Image.

Your Hidden Image is made up of your attitude and how you treat others. If you consistently have a negative attitude, people will begin to avoid you. You will repel potential customers, and develop a poor sense of confidence and self-esteem.

It all starts with your attitude ? even if things aren't going exactly the way you want them to, having a negative attitude will not change that. It probably will make things worse. Make a deliberate effort to turn your attitude from negative to positive, and you'll see your mindset and circumstances change as well.

Honesty is essential to your life as an entrepreneur ? if you are consistently honest and fair in dealing with current and potential customers, you will develop a reputation that will bring you even more business.

We've all heard the story that a happy customer will tell 3 others about their good experience with your business, while an unhappy customer will tell 7 others. You can be sure that news of dishonesty in your business practiced will travel than the speed of light ? always be honest with your customers.

Confidence and self-esteem are very attractive qualities. When a client comes to you looking for the solution to a problem, your projection of confidence and self-esteem will put them at ease and reassure them that you are the one to help them solve their challenges.

If you do not project confidence, your client may doubt your ability to help them, and may even try to get you to lower your fees. You must project absolute confidence in your abilities and the value you provide ? your clients expect nothing less and you should accept nothing less from yourself.

Knowledge and ability, combined with experience, are an essential combination for an entrepreneur. When you know that you can solve a client's problem based on your ability and experience, you project professionalism. You know what to do and are able to give your client the guidance they are willing to pay good money for.

These aspects of your image are portrayed physically through many factors ? whether or not you make eye contact when talking to clients, that you stand or sit straight and have a confident posture, and your attire. It's hard to be successful in convincing a client that you are a professional when your attire, body language and image don't reflect that.

About the Author: Dianne M. Daniels is an Image & Color Coach, Consultant and Professional Speaker, and the author/publisher of "Polish & Presence: 31 Days to a New Image". She has helped individuals refine and define their personal and professional image, along with corporations and organizations. Learn how to create your Personal Climate for Personal and Professional Success at

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