Electrical Deficiencies

Our feelings are perceived by means of our sensors, our sensors are designed to detect conductors of energy that have the power to stir our feelings.

It is this power we long for in particular individuals that manage to stir these responses in us, whether they manage to match their negatives with our positives or vice versa, generating a current we are unconsciously plugged into and are likely to become hooked on like junkies, particular currents determined by our electrical weaknesses and deficiencies, and the energy levels and forms we actually need to complement and supplement this malnutrition.

Everybody I need is a supplement for one of my electrical deficiencies, and the images and fancies stirred in my mind and body and interpreted in the emotions of companionship, goodwill, romance, excitement, joy, misery ? are plugs I stuck into my holes. Everything you feel will tell you a little more about your state of mind.

And perceptive people will be able to determine your state of mind by testing you with different electrical impulses. It's the mind reading thing I wrote about [that Skatto lost last semester!].

By intercepting and interpreting the currents generated from your polar states and the environment created, pictures, languages depicting your state of mind, are produced. It is simple chemistry and physics, simple science.

Human beings are a composition of chemicals and forces. If litmus paper is stuck into a solution and it turns pink the solution is an acid. If heat is connected to an object and there is a change in its density as its molecules likewise heat up, then it is a conductor of heat ? possible expansion ? possibly a metal. Life revolves around science and perceptive people are scientists in a laboratory when people surround them.

Which is why the key to unraveling everything else is the knowledge of yourself. Yourself, as in, the primal, unaffected human being. Take yourself up as a case study, the first experiment, then formulate the rules as you proceed, testing others by testing yourself, gathering knowledge from your own experiences, relating them to others, and relating the experiences of others to your primal, unaffected self. 90% of the time you will be correct.

You are made up of your thoughts ? your thoughts are made up of your experiences ? your experiences are made up of your journey and orientation through life ? your journey and orientation through life is made up of your position on the earth and the state of matter around you ? and your position and the state of matter is made up of time.

Your thoughts determine your decisions ? your decisions determine your actions ? your actions relate with other peoples thoughts, decisions and actions and determine their perception of you and your perception of them.

30th May, 2004

Natasha Ashwe is a poet and a writer. She was born in Kingston, Ontario, and currently resides in Nigeria where she is at university studying law. She loves music, art, and philosophy.

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