Marketing Articles: Getting A Better Search Engine Rank For All Of Your Pages!

In one of my articles, I discussed how to market your web site link twice. It detailed out how to promote not only but how you should also promote your site without the www., like this:

This article is to talk about promoting ALL of your pages within your marketing campaign. See, most of us typically only promote the main page on our sites. Ex. The truth is, your site is much more than just the 1st page right? Well, let's condition ourselves to promote everything available within your site...

Search Engine Marketing is crutial for all companies who want to succeed online. I'm sure at one point or another, you will hear how "Optimizing your site for search engines is crutial". Of course, they aren't fooling you, it is a crutial marketing tactic but, what is also crutial is learning how to use different tools to boost your search engine placements once you've optimized your site for the web.

So let's talk about the marketing tactics available to you and implement strategies on how to promote all your pages within them.


Link popularity has become a norm for most small companies to implement in their daily promoting activities. Here's the problem, most companies that perform link exchanges daily fail to utilize it to their advantage. For ex. Let's say you perform approximately 10 link exchanges daily. For each one, you submitted your link "". What you'll want to start implementing is submitting 10 different links within your site.

Ex Link Exchanges:

  • Link #1:

  • Link #2:

  • Link #3:

  • And so on...

A good strategy would be to open up "Note Pad" and create all the links you want to promote.

  • Add each link

  • Assign an appropriate title to each link

  • Create an appropriate description for each link

    Now all you have to do is to copy and paste each link when performing your daily link exchanges.


    Do you write articles to promote your site??? If you do, then you probably have created a "Resource Box" at the end of each article right??? Good, let's change the resource box a little.

    My site is host to 100's of Marketing Articles and the 1 thing I notice time & time again is that each author (no disrespect to any of the wonderful authors) Typically only add the main page of their web site within their "resource box".

    Ok, let's say you write articles about "Search Engine Marketing". At the end of the article, add a link to a page on your site that talks about "Search Engine Marketing" or something similar.


    So with that in mind, try revising all your articles to point to specific pages on your web site.


    Submitting your site to directories will give your site long lasting traffic. Not all directories will accept any link from your site besides the main page. This is ok though, there are literally 100's of other directories that will allow you to submit any page you want.

    Experiment with this and try to change up all your links when your submitting to directories.

    I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND : Using anything other than your main page for directories like: OPD Open Project Directory or Yahoo.

    So now you have 3 proven marketing strategies on how to improve your search engine placements for all of your pages instead of only your main page. Be creative with this and look for more strategies you can implement this tactic with.

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