The (Not So) Shocking Truth About Getting A High Search Engine Ranking

I have seen my site hit #3 at Google, and some of my fellow entrepreneurs are wondering how I did it. Well, it's no big secret, and it won't cost you anything but your time. Here's what I did:

  • I searched online for information about the title and description tags to get a better idea of what they should say. is a great site for this kind of information. It's all about search engine positioning, and it's free to sign up. However, your account only stays active for 4 weeks, after which the webmaster asks that you donate money to his site to keep your account active.

  • I used Overture's free keyword tool at Just enter keywords that are relevant to your site, and Overture will generate the most popular search terms that people are using. I picked the most popular terms (making sure they were relevant), and made a list of keywords for each page of my site in Notepad.

  • Next, I visited This handy tool will check your meta tags and tell you if there are too many characters in your title, keyword and description. The above site is just one of many meta tag analyzers available on the net, so beware - every analyzer says something different when it comes to how many characters your meta tags should have. My advice? Pick one and stick with it, at least for a while. Otherwise, you will just get frustrated.

  • As soon as I uploaded my pages with their new meta tags, I resubmitted to the search engines using (the former) World Submitter - Note: there are some search engines that require you to submit your site manually in order to get listed. has great information and articles about how to properly submit to these engines. I wouldn't suggest submitting to the search engines more than once or twice per month, unless you want to run the risk of being accused of spamming them.

  • If I see the opportunity to add my link on a relevant site, I go for it. The more links your site has to other sites, the higher you will rank in the search engines. However, you will want to avoid linking with sites that are your direct competition.

    You may just find that is the only place you need to go for information about search engine positioning. I did quite a bit of research and found several sites with great information, so I just tried to combine them all. Am I a glutton for punishment? Probably ;) But even though it took hours to redo all of my meta tags from scratch, it was well worth it to see my site in Google's Top 10!

    Elizabeth Piotrowski

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