Submit All Of Your Pages And Watch Your Traffic Grow

Everyone is looking for "secrets" about how to get more qualified traffic to their web sites. What I'm going to share with you is no secret, however it is not practiced by very many companies or individuals. Many companies and individuals only submit their home page to search engines and directories. You can easily quadruple your traffic in 90 - 120 days by implementing the following procedures.

  • Create a unique title for each page of your site that covers a different subject matter. I am astounded when I surf the web and I find large and small companies whose web sites don't have a decent title for their home page, much less titles for any of their content pages. Your title should not be named "home". If you own a web design program or if you have competent web designers, your title can be changed on every page in 10 - 30 minutes. Your title should be short and describe the content on that page. In case you were not aware, the title of each page always appears in the upper left hand corner of the browser used by the person visiting your web site.

  • Create meta tags for each page that has a different title. Most people use the same meta tags for each page of their web site. If you have different content on different pages, then you should have different meta tags for those pages too! Meta Tags are the hidden text that programmers use to enable the search engine "spiders" to find your site on the world wide web. If you don't know what meta tags look like or how to write them, you can learn this information by visiting this URL at our web site:

  • Submit your pages to search engines and directories every month. Once you have the proper title and meta tags for the interior pages of your web site, register them once a month. If you want ANY of your pages indexed by search engines, you have to submit them once a month! You can do this manually or you can do it through various submit programs. The most affordable method we have found are the free directory submit tool and free search engine submit tool at JimTools:

    JimTools allows you to register with 56 search engines and over 100 directories at no charge. If you do this once a month, you will start getting traffic to your newly submitted pages within 60 - 120 days.

    In summary: Optimizing your title and your Meta Tags for each page can easily quadruple your traffic in just a few months. Submitting your internal pages of your web site to directories and search engines is an affordable and easy way to bring more qualified traffic to your web site.

    About The Author

    Daryl Clark is the owner of A web site designed to teach individuals and organizations how to successfully promote their businesses on line. Visit his web site at

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