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The Winning Combo!

What do we all strive for in life? Success! Success is the ultimate destination. Every one of us has the good intentions and capacity to achieve something but we lack the follow-through. A system is needed to keep us focused on the most important thoughts, ideas, people, actions, and results. Perhaps, a life organizer is what we require.

The winning combo required for achieving breakthroughs in every area of life:

1. Passion for what we do.
2. An unshakeable confidence and faith
3. A "Take-it-easy" attitude

1. Passion for what we do:

First, ask yourself these questions:

What gives me immense satisfaction when I do it? What can I lose myself in for hours? ? What did I want to be when I grew up? ? What do I still dream of being or doing?

Everyone has a passion in them. It may be buried deeply, but it's there. All we have to do is to discover it.

A passion to do something is when we spring out of the bed excited about the day ahead, we lose track of time because we are totally involved in that work, and when we long to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

2. An unshakeable confidence and faith:

We should put our whole trust and confidence in what we do. If we lose faith, it will cause us to deviate in our thoughts and actions and a chaotic condition will prevail.

Negative thoughts like "I'm bound to fail" or "I'm not good enough" or even "I don't deserve to succeed" will only lead to failure. Faith and confidence can be built by preparing ourselves thoroughly in whatever we do, setting reachable goals, and ultimately reward ourselves when we succeed.

Read this quote:

"Don't quit when the tide is lowest, For it's just about to turn; Don't quit over doubts and questions, For there's something you may learn. Don't quit when the night is darkest, For it's just a while till dawn; Don't quit when you've run the farthest, For the race is almost won. Don't quit when the hill is the steepest, For your goal is almost nigh; Don't quit, for you're not a failure Until you fail to try"

3. A take-it-easy attitude:

Abraham Lincoln once asked an audience "How many legs would a lamb have if you called the tail a leg?" When someone volunteered the answer "Five", Lincoln said, "No, the answer is four. Just calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one."

Perception of problems is also important. When we perceive it as a big problem, it becomes one. Tough solutions are the need of the hour when it comes to tackling tough problems but the way to arrive at these solutions is to probe with a calm and composed mind.

The first two ? Passion, unshakeable faith and confidence - are needed to achieve the result and the third ? the "Take-it-easy" attitude is necessary to know how to deal with the result.

Hpriya Sivan

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