Write Goals, Say Prayers, and See Your Successful Future

Would you like to have more success in your life? Yes, I'm sure that you do! That being the case, I have an invitation and a challenge for you. Are you up for it? Okay, here we go?

We are all multi-sensory beings, meaning that we all have the sensory connections through seeing, tasting, smelling, speaking, hearing and feeling. These are all separate channels that activate different parts of the brain. The more of our brain that is awakened, or activated, the more places in our brain we are imprinting messages.

The key to being successful is to believe in your success and act upon that belief. Many people hinder their success because they don't believe in themselves, and therefore, they do not take the actions that would lead to successful outcomes and successful results. But you're different, right??!!

So, this is what to do to imprint success messages and motivators in and on your brain, and therefore, into your life:

1.) Write and recite the primary goals of your life everyday. Write 1 or 2 goals from each of the major areas of your life (social, financial, physical, spiritual, etc.) everyday and recite them out loud. Put you hand on your heart as if you are making a pledge to yourself. In doing so you are activating the channels of touch, voice and hearing, all of which simultaneously are scribing your goals on your brain. When your goals are already there, you are more likely to believe them and therefore accomplish them.

2.) Say your prayers out loud everyday. Once again you are activating both your voice and your hearing channels, plus you are connecting with The Divine intentionally. Say your prayers as if they are being fulfilled. Example: "Oh Great Spirit of Life, I know that you will empower me today to overcome all obstacles that might come my way; that you will point out all the beauty in every person and in every moment; and that you will remind me to let go of all attachments I might have from the past or to the future, all so I may be more present today to life and fulfill my Divine purpose and mission." No asking, but rather, a knowing that it is already done.

3.) Visualize your future. Our minds have great difficulty distinguishing the difference between what is real and what is imagined. It thinks it's all real. Therefore, when you visualize exactly what it is that you want in your life, your mind thinks it is reality and you automatically create a positive connection with your desired future. You actually build your confidence and belief in yourself and in your future by doing this. You open the door of success and invite success into your life by using your inner eyes?the power of visualization!

There you have it, 3 easy steps to success. Practice these everyday, just like brushing your teeth. Make this your "mental floss" and prevent any positive decay or cavities of negativity or doubt from growing in your brain.

Write it, say it, see it and live it: Your success!!

Ken Donaldson has been based in Tampa Bay offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. He founded The REALationship Coaching programs to provide coaching and education for singles and couples so they may live more fulfilling lives, and have the most intimate and lasting relationships possible. Visit his website at http://www.REALationshipCoach.com for more information and to get his free e-program Illuminations and Sparks of Brilliance. He is the author of the upcoming book Marry YourSelf First!

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