Marketing to Search Engines AND Humans

When you were just a young and precocious student of marketing, someone explained to you how to market to humans. "Know your target audience!" said the experts. "AIDA method!" they pressed on.

"Attention. Interest. Desire. Action." You know this old drill. "Make it happen in the minds of your hungry buying prospects!"

Then you went to the web. Ah, web marketing... a horse of a different color. Now it's all about the Engines. What do the search engines want? What are those crawlers looking for?

So you switched gears, forgot about your old friend Aida, and started shelling out bucks for SEO experts to tweak your website. You signed another fat check over for a long list of email addresses. You paid for expensive programs so that you could slut your company name and logo around the net! You even dished some dollars for that danged popup campaign... something you swore you'd never do...

All of this SEO stuff can't be a bad thing. But did you forget about your target customer? He's still a HUMAN. So as much as you want to leverage your search engine strategy for the most exposure, don't forget to send some marketing love to the human beings who are seeing your ads all over the place.

Have you heard about the latest marketer's ace in the hole, the web article? If not, it's time to get in the know. The web articles is the IDEAL way to get your message to the brains of human beings. How's it work?

There are websites out there that want you to submit articles to them, so that they can distribute them to other websites. Every web article you write will have your URL attached.

Therefore, the web article is the perfect way to improve your search engine rank while simultaneously building a strong case for your product with your key customer.

Web articles do a fine job of marketing to both humans and search engines. Web articles afford amazing backlinking potential for your website, plus a targeted message for your key prospects... and the best part is, they don't cost a dime to write or distribute.

If you submit articles to a site like, you can potentially have your articles picked up by thousands of websites. And that's an awful lot of free links back to you! While your links are working to your benefit, those folks on the web are soaking up what you have to say and deciding that you are A-OK. Then, they're clicking your link. What other linking opportunity has ever afforded you such a golden chance to build your brand and speak to your customer face to face? None!

Let me put it to you this way. If you suddenly cut off all of your web marketing tricks, like those banner ads, popups and linking strategies, the "engines" would move on to whoever else was dinging those keywords, and quickly forget all about you.

But if you manage to reach a HUMAN BEING, and impress an idea into their head with an article while delivering information they can use... you will have a fan for life.

Remember the AIDA method from your early advertising days? It's still alive and well and can be applied to your Article Marketing Power Campaign to leverage the strength of your brand.

Start marketing to Search Engines and humans. Develop your Article Marketing campaign today!

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

Dina Giolitto is the author of ARTICLE POWER: Create Dynamite Web Articles and Watch Your Sales Explode... a 49-page manual covering every aspect of article marketing on the web. Learn about article marketing, copywriting and more at

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