Vacation Longing: What You Can Learn From It

Every person's life journey is unique. Figuring out what you need along the way can be an adventure in itself. What do you need AT THIS MOMENT in your life? What changes can you make right now so that your needs are more fully satisfied? There may be clues for you in the "Travel" section of your Sunday newspaper. Here's what I mean.

What kinds of actual, physical travel appeal to you at this moment in your life? Do you yearn to visit distant parts of the world that you've never been to, like Hawaii, the Serengeti, or Sydney? Do you see advertisements for trips to island paradises and long to veg out on a beach with no greater responsibility than to adequately cover yourself with SPF15? Are you attracted to seminars and retreats that allow you to grow and learn in community? Perhaps you have developed a secret desire to travel to Europe alone, or to go hiking with a group. Notice what calls out to you ? and by all means, if you can take the trip, go for it! Vacations are good for you, period.

But you can also use the information to help you understand what qualities you need to bring into your daily life, to nourish and support you on your life journey. For example, if you are lusting for some lazy days at the beach ? you may need to build more rest and quiet time into your life. If you are hungry for a vacation that involves rigorous physical activity, you may need a more serious and rugged workout in your daily routine. Yearning for a communal learning adventure? Perhaps it's time to arrange your life so you have more expansive time with people you love being with ? or more opportunity to meet them! Attracted by a discovery vacation or an art tour? What parts of YOU are ready to be discovered and expressed, and how might you open up space in your life for that to happen?

Trust yourself to know what you need. Honor yourself by satisfying that need.

(And don't forget to write! I'd love to hear from you "on the road!")

Coaching Tips:

Write down your answers to these questions.

  • What kinds of vacations are attracting you?
  • What qualities or experiences do you desire from these vacations?
  • How might you bring those qualities and experiences into your daily life? Come up with several possibilities.
  • Choose one of these options. What are the next steps to implement this idea?
  • Take those next steps!
  • COPYRIGHT 2000, Sharon Teitelbaum.

    Sharon Teitelbaum is a Work-Life and Career Coach who works with high achieving women with young children, people at mid-career, and professionals seeking greater career satisfaction or work-life balance. Her book, Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued: Restoring Work-Life Balance, is available at her website,

    Certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Sharon works by phone with clients around the world and in-person in Boston.

    She delivers keynotes and workshops on work-life balance issues, has been in national publications including The New York Times and Working Mother Magazine, and has appeared on cable and network television. She publishes Strategies for Change, a newsletter offering practical tips for work-life success.

    Sharon has been married for 30 years and is the mother of two amazing young women. You can contact her here.

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