SEO - Get Your Site Out of the Google Sandbox Fast!

Is your new site sitting in the infamous Google "sandbox"? There is a way to get it out fast, as well as getting all of your other pages indexed!


Write an article on your site topic and upload it to your website. You can either put it on your index page, or place a snippet of the content with a link to your new article on your index page. Then - submit your article to all the free article directories you can find. It doesn't even have to be a long article - just as long as it offers value to the reader.

Submitting your article to the free article directories also means that you get instant valuable back links to your site which is vital if you want to rank well in Google.

How do I know whether my site is in the Sandbox?

If your site is in the sandbox, if you do a search for in Google, you will probably just see this kind of information displayed on the results page:

If your site is indexed in Google, the results page will look like this: Your site description and what your site is about will appear here.

Google can show you the following information for this URL:

· Find web pages that are similar to
· Find web pages that link to
· Find web pages from the site
· Find web pages that contain the term

You can also do a check at to see how many of your pages are indexed by the search engines.

Proof that this method works?

I recently registered two new websites and linked to them from one of my sites that have PR. Doing a search for them showed that both of them just showed up as which means that they were not indexed yet. Checking on Uptimebot it showed that Google had one link for each of them, but no additional pages.

After writing an article related to the one site, I uploaded it to my site and submitted it to the various article directories. The next day's search showed that my site was in the Google Index because it was showing the additional information about my site, and a check on Uptimebot revealed that I now had all of my pages (20) indexed in Google.

Now that I know this method works, I will be doing it for my other sites as well. Don't you think you too should get writing?

Joan Masterson is the owner of Make money from home and Work from home - sites that offer information on making money from home.

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