What is Google Talk ?

The advent of Internet has affected lives of almost the entire world and websites, e-mails and chating on net none need any introduction even for young kids. There is an outpour of websites throughout the Internet all offering numerous services to attract the potential visitors online. The question actually matters is what's the foolproof way to keep visitors glued to a particular site and not jump to other numerous sites that are upcoming each new day. What makes one of the web pages much more popular than the other when both are based on almost similar theme. The answer lies in the way of presenting the information and the simplicity with which the users can avail services offered.

One site that has proved to rise at a highest pace in the web world in a shortest span of time is unarguably the google. It's been a hot favorite amongst the search engines on web and the one that is most preferred by web users. It's simple design targeting only the specific service that it intends to provide and a very efficient scripting language behind the scene has won a top position among the most popular sites in the web world. Google the name actually does not require any introduction it's already headed on top of the list for advertisers and regular or casual visitors on net.

Some time back the Google team started the service of e-mail even that caught the fancy of online visitors in a very short time. It offers its users with lots of free space on Internet around more than 2000 MB and still amount of space is increasing each day. One more aspect that makes it different from its counterparts is membership-acquiring process, which is possible only through invitation by anyone already using Google.

Next, good news is that the Google team is shortly coming up with its new venture for offering instant messaging services for its users. Just as the earlier performances by Google this too promises to be a messaging service with a difference. It definitely would offer newer facilities and opportunities for its visitors something quite better than what the existing chatting services offer. The facility would be readily available for existing users of gmail account and others can also avail this opportunity to create a gmail account and register themselves at the Google site.

Just as e-mail has been popular around the globe similarly the instant messaging system captured the hearts of frequent visitors on web. A client "Gaim" in required to be installed on the computer that wants to use the Google instant messaging services. This client program is capable of performing various tasks required by its users. Apart from the new registrations pouring in by the advent of Google talk current gmail members would also be more than happy as now they would not need two id's on their computer one for e-mails and the other for instant messages. Google talk makes it easy for all its members to manage their entire Internet requirements at one single place i.e. the Google site and to add flavor to already existing recipe is the news that all of this is free

Mansi aggarwal writes about google talk. Learn more at http://www.ugfc.org/2005/08/google_talk.html

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