Are You Living?

Disclaimer: All the thoughts expressed are my views only! Your perception might differ...

1. I don't have time to balance my work and life?

2. Still I don't get to manage my time well? what do I do?

3. Am I sleep walking through my life?

4. I feel like a failure?

5. I feel bored?

6. I am anxious and I feel frustrated?

7. I don't know where I'm moving?

8. I don't get the motivation to come to work?

9. I don't get enthused about the work?

10. Why this FAQ?

1. I don't have time to balance my work and life?

The first thing you need to understand is there is no magic in time management! It all depends upon how much you make out of it! Assume that somebody gives you 86400 rupees everyday. The only condition being that you cannot store it, you will have to spend it before the day ends. If you have something left it will be forfeited. What will you do? You tend to make the most out of it. Now, let me ask you something, do you do that same with your 86400 seconds every day? do you make each day of your life count? I guess not! now, IT is upto you to decide what you want to do from here...

2. Still I don't get to manage my time well? what do I do?

Well,before you start something, just ask a simple question: "Is this task worth my time?" Once you start asking this question, everything will fall in place. One of the world's costliest resource which can never be replaced is your time. Believe me you can do wonders in a day!

3. Am I sleep walking through my life?

Whatever you do, do you feel bored? do you feel lazy? do you get that feeling that you are useless? do you watch TV in your couch once you hit your house? do you tend to watch atleast a movie a day? If your answer to any of the questions is Yes! then you need to do some hard thinking. You don't seem to have a GOAL in life. Your vision of your life is blurred. You don't know what you want to do with your life! you are simply vegetating(sorry for being harsh)... c'mon pull yourself and start living the life of our dreams. If something remains in just your thought, then it is nothing but fantasy.

Ask yourself a couple of questions, when was the last time you did something for the first time? today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year, don't remember. If your answer to the above question is either one of today, yesterday, last week, then you are living your life. If it is not, think twice, you just have a single life to live! for starters make somebody else's day .... like: buy some sweets while going home( if you have never done that), visit a friend, whom you have not visited for years etc...

It is a personal decision to decide what you want to do with your life. Incase you are not sure about what to do with your life, you might want to decide on it first! One of the best books that could act as guidepost(s) is "The Magic of Thinking BIG!" live that book and one fine morning you will find that you are living your life of your dreamz!

4. I feel like a failure?

Before getting into the coffee-toffee discussion of success Vs failure, let me explain a few things. When what you expect happens it is termed as "success" and when it does not it is termed as "failure". That is the main reason why self-help guru(s) talk about never ever giving up. Because only when you fail at something you learn. If you fail to learn from your shortcomings/failure then you are bound to fail again! Just because what you expected did not happen you are not a "failure". The thought that "you are incapable of achieving something" makes you an failure. A person transforms into a "successful" person when he starts learning from his/others failures. If he does not he remains at the same state, I guess, forever!

5. I feel bored?

There is nothing called boredom, it is just the state of mind where you feel frustrated at something, and you have nothing else to do. So fill up your days, do something that will leave a mark in this world! Have some fun with friends,( but don't overdo it). head out for a one-day trip, be part of something that has a social cause.

6. I am anxious and I feel frustrated?

Well, that is normal. Just don't loose your head. Talk to your friends or listen to soft instrumental music, it will lighten your hearts. It happens in everybodies life, C'mon it is not the end of the world! After all you are alive and kicking!!! ( Hey KP'S I used your quote ;-)

7. I don't know where I'm moving?

IT happens in eveybody's life at different stages of your life. This uncertainity is something that is going to move you ahead win your life! The moment, this thought arises, take your time off. Re-Think about what you want to do with your life. I would say, it is best to re-think what you want to do with your life atleast once a year!

8.I don't get the motivation to come to work?

Well, motivation droops down when your thoughts are gloomy. You think about the negatives of life i.e you brood about things not happening right! C'mon give me a break, think about the positive things in life. You are healthy, you have a family, you have a job etc.! Start asking questions what is that you have done to make your life better. You expect somebody to help you out, which is never going to happen. Don't ever lose that fire(urge) to live your life, when you start loosing that your life becomes lifeless.

9. I don't get enthused about the work?

People's tastes and preferences differ. It is a choice you made, and you can change it any time. One of the factors that cause depression is your food! Believe me, you are what you eat! Try to eat fresh fruits as much as possible. Take a heavy breakfast, never skip it! Spruce up your day with some extracurricular activities of your interest. like aerobics, exercises ,games etc... If all else fails, think what will make you jump on your toes and make you excited... follow it!

10.Why this FAQ?

All the questions that I have framed are indicators of depression. Which is one of the most widely spread disease ( If I may call so) And interstingly it is most prevalent in software professionals. This faq is an attempt to help you come out of what you got yourself into! for people who are interested in going forward here is a list of books that can act as guidepost(s):

1. The Magic of Thinking Big

2. The Alchemist

3. The Seagull ( this is not for the ligther heart! )

4. Awaken the Giant Within

5. Unlimited Power

6. Stop sleepwalking through life!

Incase this helped you, get some copies of the book that changed you and pass it on to your friends, THEY might need some help!


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