(3) Three Traffic Boosting Strategies for Your Website!

Every day, on line marketers are dreaming up new ways to gain targeted traffic to their websites; and, almost every beginning marketer will take any kind of traffic to their website because the sign of traffic helps build confidence in the practice of learning to market products, goods, or services over the Internet. Be it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost the ranking of a website, trading reciprocal links with complimentary websites for link popularity, or compiling opt-in email safe lists for direct marketing, the Internet marketer is sure to succeed when following in the footsteps of those that possess the tools and techniques of money making websites.

Now, when one implements a complete marketing plan that entails all three of these strategies: SEO, Links, and eMail, 'What must one do to stand above the other marketers and really hit pay dirt?'

In strategy one, SEO, there is not much to do once you've optimized your site with the proper description and keyword list entered as Meta tags. You set it up and submit it to as many search engines as possible. You can submit it one-by-one by yourself, multiple submits through a submission site, or use PPC (pay-per-click) inclusion by paying for keywords that consumers may use to find your website. This strategy only takes minimal time and effort to maintain or edit, leaving you time to concentrate on swapping links and email (direct) marketing.

Strategy two, reciprocal links, is a way of networking with other websites to maximize popularity with the search engine industry. The more links pointing to and from your website, the higher the ranking and listing in search engine results which leads to more targeted traffic visiting your website. A webmaster can spend 100 of hours locating, contacting, and then trading links with other websites; or, they can utilize a linking management website to pool together websites that are eager to trade and give a way to link with each other in a simple and easy format. If you use a link management site, recommended, then it too frees up some time to devote to other strategies of marketing, like email marketing.

Strategy three, eMail (direct) marketing, is the medium that seems to get the most response for your effort, but finding people to send emails to is a enormous undertaking in itself. A way to capture multiple email addresses is to simply ask the visitors of your website to sign up to some kind of list, either for a contest, freebie give-away, newsletter, or site update report.

You could go the avenue of paying for your advertisement to be placed on someone else's list, and then you could capture the names of the people who responded to the ad. Having your own unique list is the most effective form of Internet marketing possible. This list gives you the ability to pass your message to these people immediately and many times over. Because whenever you need a rush of traffic to your website, you can just send a message to the list and know that you are sending the message to people who have opted to receive it. These people are the ones you are trying to convince to become your cash-paying customer.

These three strategies must be implemented to gain a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. The process is always an ongoing thing; however, certain areas need more attention than others, such as email (direct) marketing being the most profitable of the three. Most successful marketers will tell you that the 'money is in the list,' and you better believe it. As with all marketing strategies, nothing happens over night unless you have spent many days laying the ground work toward success. Your daily attention to these three principles or strategies, SEO, reciprocal linking, and email (direct) marketing, is the ground work that you must do before, during, and after your success on the Internet because if you blink the website behind you has passed you and are now capturing the customers you were after.

Internet marketing is a cruel game if you want to play, but all the rewards cannot be put into words.....however, $$$$$$$$$$$$, cash flow, and assets are a few words that do come to mind!

Always pay attention to detail, watch and learn from others, and believe in yourself!

Eric Smith = B.A. Marketing, A.S. Computer Information Systems

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