4 Simple Tips for Targeted Traffic

Here are 4 of the most easiest and simplest things to implement into a site for a very generous boost in traffic. These can all be implemented within a very short time. Of course depending on the Search Engine you most likely will have to wait for them to spider your site, but when they do,... the Targeted Traffic will come.


-- Tip 1 --
It's a good idea to insert a link to a sitemap into your index page at the bottom, if this is the page you paid for inclusion with.


This is so, when the search engine spiders crawl your site they will ALSO spider your sitemap thus indexing ALL of your other webpages via the sitemap. Thus, indexing your whole site into the search engine(s). And having each page in the engines is very good and beneficial for ya, thus giving you more coverage with your site.

-- Tip 2 --
Try to restrict your website to a minimal number of directories as possible.


Search engines like to see a URL or web address of like:


NOT one that looks like


So try to restrict your site to as few directories as possible and try to put your most important pages as close to the root directory as possible too. So the spiders don't have to "fish through" directory after directory to find your pages.

-- Tip 3 --
When creating your website, implement a "reverse pyramid style" construction.


Search engines like to see a broad to specific layout. Your index page, would be your broad or wide theme about your whole site, and your interior pages should focus in or "zero-in" to a specific interest. For example, if your site is on dogs, a more specific area or page would be show dogs and/or working dogs etc.

and finally

-- Tip 4 --
When submitting your website to the engines, do a bit of research and seek out the search engine(s) that "feeds" the other search engines and thus submit to the one or ones that feed the most to other engines.


Many search engines get their results from other search engines. For example, Google, supplies results or feeds results to AOL, Netscape, and iWon. So, if you get indexed within Google, you will most likely get into the indexes of AOL, Netscape, and iWon since these other engines get their results from Google. You get the idea? So even though you might only be submitting to one engine, you are "indirectly" submitting to many more.

These 4, small but very powerful ideas implemented into your site will bring you a big boost of Targeted Traffic. Because don't forget search engines are THE most largest source for Targeted Traffic online today.

This is because, whoever goes searching on a Search Engine is looking for one thing and usually one thing only. So if your site is present within the top pages of the niche or topic that visitor/searcher is looking for, you are the most likely candidate and target for him/her to hit by having your website right there in front of them.

Burke holds both a BSc. degree in Computer Science as well Certification in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Strategies. He also regularly publishes The ACE! newsletter, in which he shares his experience, methods, and 'what works' with others. Burke can be contacted by http://www.the-ace-ezine.com or http://www.altacanweb.com

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