Complete Novice Builds Business Using Press Releases on the Internet

My name is Barbara Mascio. I am the founder of a business that actually challenges the paradigm of elder care. With next to nothing in marketing dollars, I turned to the Internet hoping I could get my message across to as many folks as possible, and it's working! In fact, 68% of all our inquiries are a direct result of web visitors!

I won't try to impress you, the web pro; I readily admit that I am a novice and a slow learner. However, I do subscribe to several web based ezines, like this one, and I read the articles. I then put in to action what I've learned.

Because of the nature of my business, I cannot capitalize on reciprocating links, nor with Google ads. My company, Senior Approved Services, directs seniors and their family caregivers towards elder care services that are Certified Senior Approved. Allowing advertising on my sites would negate our purpose.

My web sites, Quality Elder Care and Seniors Approve are simple. I won't claim to be a web designer or a skilled graphic artist. These are actually created with little html knowledge on my part, thanks to the easy to follow instructions included with my site host.

I'm not certain of all the places on the Internet to verify traffic results, but I've actually impressed myself with the results found at Alexa

Aside from paying for site hosting and domain names, I have spent less than five hundred dollars in a twelve-month period to promote my site and build my business.

  • I chose a quality site host (thanks again Ken!)
  • I wrote (and continue to refresh) content relevant to the interest of the market I want to attract
  • My sites are simple and easy to navigate through
  • I started a monthly on-line ezine and placed an interactive calendar of events on one of my sites. I allow seniors, caregivers and healthcare professionals to submit articles (free) and to use the calendar to advertise their upcoming events.
  • I use the internal 'analyze my site' program (included with my hosting fees) to determine if my site is ready for both search engine spiders and web visitors
  • I respond to each inquiry submitted to me, personally. Each request receives one auto-responder message that alerts the person that I have received their request, but will answer it personally and to allow 24 hours for a response. I normally respond before this 24-hour period.
  • I make it easy to contact me, providing both a toll free number and email address
  • I write articles and press releases. Some of these services print press releases at no charge and others will charge. Press releases have resulted in my higher placement in all of the search engines! In fact, this has proven to be the smartest thing I've ever done.
  • I offer strategic partnering agreements as opposed to the normal reciprocating links most people do. See my marketing and tools page for examples of this. One company that offers a 'How to Start a Home Care Business" is listed on this page. In exchange, he has my Certification offer on his site. His web visitors receive a discount on our certification and he will earn a 10% 'finders fee' for the referral.
  • I continue to subscribe and learn from web pros like you.

    Finally, I am patient. Those seeking quick-rich schemes fall by the way side. The Internet is a tool and if used properly, will increase your business, at the very least, provide exposure.

    These are my favorite picks to submit articles to:

    Barbara Mascio, advocate for seniors, can be reached at toll free 877-620-6448 during normal business hours (eastern time) She is a writer, grandmother and a complete web novice.

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