Law of Attraction - What You Project You Receive

Do you know anyone who always seems to have bad luck? Nothing ever goes right for them. Conversely, have you observed people who always wind up OK despite what befalls them?

What differentiates these two types of people? Their attitude, thoughts and actions are as different as day and night.

You are a magnet. Your attitude, thoughts and actions determine what you attract. Like attracts like. If you are negative, rude and inconsiderate, this is what you will attract. If you are positive, upbeat, courteous, caring and considerate, you will attract the same.

The effects of your actions always come full circle. How you treat others will determine how you are treated. You never know how long it will take, but what you project is invariably returned to you.

When you're feeling bad, annoyed or frustrated you mustn't treat others poorly in response. Doing so is like throwing a rubber ball at a brick wall; it will bounce right back at you. How does someone react if you are rude? Chances are they will be rude in return. If so, the situation will most likely escalate.

What should you do if you are not treated properly? First of all, don't respond in kind. If you do, you allow yourself to be drawn into the other person's problem, which will have a negative impact on you.

If someone mistreats you, resist the temptation to get even. Their actions will come back to them; it's inevitable. If you try to retaliate, you get caught in a negative cycle and your actions will have a detrimental affect on you.

Think before you speak or act. Monitor and be aware of your attitude, feelings and actions. Behave in the same way you want to be treated. This is particularly difficult when someone is treating you poorly. You will be amazed at how your "luck" changes when you change the way you act.

Smile regardless of how you are treated, what is happening or how you feel. Smile, especially when you don't feel like it. It's hard to feel bad when you smile. Transforming a frown into a smile instantly changes what you project.

Treat everyone with respect and always thank those who help you. All people want to be appreciated. A sincere thank you invariably makes a person feel good. Don't tell people to do things, ask them. Even if you are in a position of authority, you will get a better response if you ask rather than tell.

Endeavor to help others whenever possible. When offering your assistance, don't do it with the expectation of getting something in return. Only through unconditional generosity will you put good things in motion that will ultimately be returned to you.

A change in attitude and approach always precedes a change in situation. If you think that you will feel and act better when things improve, you will be waiting for a very long time. To be successful, act successful. To be happy, act happy. To be treated well, treat others well.

You can never know when, where or how, but you will receive what you project.

copyright 2005 Bryan Golden

Bryan Golden is a self-development and motivational expert, author, and adjunct professor. He is the author of "Dare to Live Without Limits," and writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column. For more information please visit: or

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