How to Market Your Web Site Like Nobodys Business

Fresh Web Content Yields Better Search Engine Results

All too often, companies, organizations, and self-employed individuals spend a great deal of time and resources launching their web sites. Once the site goes live, people seem to believe internet search engines will bring them the business they need. The truth is, the web site is only one key marketing tool used to represent a company, often from a distance. The marketing genius who creates the site must continue to come up with innovative ways to keep the site "fresh" and in the minds of consumers who are in need of products or services.


Let's face it, we all hate SPAM. But many U.S. companies have been reliant upon SPAM as their main internet marketing tool. Why? The top three reasons are because it's cheap (practically free), fast, and efficient. Yet nobody likes being "spammedso why annoy a potential customer or client? The good news is that anti-spam laws have just been passed in the U.S. Sure; companies will still send SPAM from across the border. People will still despise SPAM. Instead of irritating your potential customers and clients, try luring them to your web site in different, more memorable ways.

Lure Them with Content

One thing that does gain you a higher standing on web browsers is changing the content of your web site frequently. No need to change it from top to bottom. Just have your web designer put a few lines of text on your home page indicating you want to give "expert advice" or a "news flash" pertaining to your field. Link this to an article that you've written about your area of expertise ? whatever your business or organizational interests are. Write one per month and post the new article (or a partial link to it) on your home page.

Professional Grade Writing

Professional level writing skills and creative ideas are important. Not many people will read something for long if it isn't well written and easy to understand. If your writing skills are not professional, consider hiring a writer to help generate ideas, edit the article, or ghost write an article for you. You'll look great in the eyes of your customers or clients, and you'll have articles stored for viewing. Should a need arise to educate a client in a particular topic area, you can always direct them to your web page.

Educate Your Clientele

Take some time to educate your clientele about your products or services. If you are mainly a service-focused company, you should already be educating your clients about what you do on a regular basis. If you're not, get busy. If you do something technical, avoid jargon and keep it simple. Don't worry about giving your professional secrets away. Just leak a few. Once people have a better understanding of your knowledge base on a subject, they will come to trust you more, and be more inclined to hire you or purchase your products.

Qualified Leads

Remember, those leads that contact you after reading expert articles written by you are qualified. They already know your capabilities and have some inkling as to why they need to hire you or purchase your products. These leads are educated prior to contacting you. So, in your articles, use the opportunity to cross-sell your other products and services but try a subtle approach in the material. Nobody wants to feel like they're being 'marketed' ? they'd rather be informed or educated.

Publishing and compiling information and expert advice on your profession or subject area will not only keep your web site in the higher ranks of the search engines, it will help frame you as an excellent resource in your profession. Writing well for a public audience is important and so is regularity and consistency. . Hiring a professional writer can give you these qualities in your work and many writers are willing to "ghost" write under a client's name. Remember, articulate your subject clearly, and your audience will love you, and hopefully, want more.

About The Author

Elizabeth Kirwin is a writer, editor, researcher and part-time professor at University of North Carolina Asheville. She is co-founder of Sidhe Communications, an Asheville, North Carolina based company. Sidhe has business writing services and also provides professional grade copy to print and electronic publishing outlets.

[email protected]

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