The 4 Keys to Great Website Promotion ? Helping Others with Friendly & Useful Services

With all the "How To" articles, and great advice available online today, great website promotion and running a successful online business still comes down to the simple act of providing great service and helping people with their concerns and/or problems. This article will give 4 key points in providing great website promotion.

1. Fantastic Customer Service

2. Upfront and Visible Contact Information and Support Services

3. Useful and Informative Content

4. Keep it Simple

Incredibly, myself included, we always seem to get carried away with following the latest promotion tips and trends that seem to be the current craze at the time. Granted, it is imperative as entrepreneurs to always have an open mind to new technologies, and marketing techniques. However, we must not forget the simple and proven tasks of being available to help others out. Successful website promotion at its core is all about the customer, or the person browsing your website. In this age of virtually instant communication, positive "word of mouth" recommendations and feedback of other's about your site/product is absolutely invaluable to the long term health, growth, and sustainability of your endeavors.

You might be saying "We all already know that fantastic customer service is important" However, do you realize how important? Large corporations spend literally hundreds of millions a year just on customer surveys which evaluate their companies effectiveness to their consumer. If you have not yet sent out a simple survey asking your customers/clients, etc of how you can serve them better, this should become your next project this coming week. Overall however there are a couple key things to remember in providing "Fantastic Customer Service".

1. Prompt and quick response to any questions/comments received.

2. Provide prompt solutions and/or advice as soon as possible

3. Always keep customers/clients advised of the steps you are taking to help them.

(IE If you cannot find an immediate solution, advise them, of the additional steps you are attempting to take on their behalf)

5. Send out a quarterly survey to a random group asking them what you could improve on.

6. Finally, take steps to initiate at least one new tool every quarter to help improve the Fantastic Customer Service you already provide. (This is what wills et you apart)

Providing Visible customer contact information, and help resources is another important step in providing Fantastic customer service. In today's world most customers like to be able to have resources available in order for them to resolve their own concerns/questions. By the time a customer calls or emails you it is often too late, and your customer is probably already agitated. Here are a few suggestions to help your consumer solve some of their own concerns, should they choose to do so. Remember, the faster a concern is addressed and solved, the more, and better recognition you will receive as that customers shares their experience about you, your product, and/or website.

1. Keep an updated and thorough FAQ section. (Make sure it is easy to find)

2. If possible integrate a trouble ticket support system (This way the customer can always access, and see the status of their question/concern)

3. Consider integrating a live help system(Again, offering an immediate solution vs. making customers wait for a response.) I would recommend

5. Consider creating a support forum for all users to ask questions and be able to search through answers to past questions.

In this section I will combine the "Useful and Informative Content" with "Keeping it Simple". There have been many articles written on the importance of having useful and informative content on your website. Not only does this help you in your quest to achieve a high search engine ranking, especially with Google, but perhaps even more importantly you are once again providing a useful service to your customers and/or clients. I realize much should not have to be said about this topic, however I will finish this article stressing the importance of "Keeping it Simple" I have seen many websites that do have large volumes of great and useful information.

Many times this is done in hopes of achieving a greater ranking in the search engines. However, what these websites have gained in content, they have lost in simple website navigation. Keep in mind, that studies have shown, that that average website visitor is looking to find a solution in under one minute. Combining great content with a simple and easy user interface will not only improve your website's functionality, but produce even more satisfied and repeat customers.

With only a few simple adjustments to your customer service policies, can result in the best promotional campaign you have ever implemented. This will start you well on your way in achieving exponential growth in website traffic, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Darren currently owns and is involved with various online marketing and management companies. He is the author of "How to get Listed in Google within 72 Hours" and prides himself on offering support and helping many individuals and business customers achieve top 10 rankings within Google in an extremely short time frame. le.htm

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