Free Tee Shirt

Sorry, there's not really a free tee here, but isn't it amazing how those 3 little words really grab your attention.

You may have designed your web site to express yourself on the web, or like most of us, you are hoping to earn a little extra cash; but how do you get your new baby site out there and get it noticed? you do after all want to get some visitors,... don't you?

The first thing to do is choose your keywords very carefully, it is by now a well know fact that targeting an audience with the keywords that have less competition will result in a better search engine position for those keywords so you should end up with more visitors.

The best resource around is still, use the trial version and see how useful this site is, if you only have a small site then this may be all you need.

The second thing you will need to do is get blogging, why? the subject of blogging and rss feeds to enhance your chances of getting indexed quickly is well covered so all i will do is say that yahoo, google and in fact all the big engines are blog crazy. They regularly send their little bots out to search and index sites that blog in an interesting and relevant way, for example, if you have a web site that tells people how wonderful your region of the moon that you just purchased is, and that you want to let out for family vacations then you would start a blog called vacations on the moon and add interesting facts about space, vacations in space etc. and make sure that you have a link on your blog page that goes to your web site you called vacations on the

You can even sort out a little RSS feed from your blog site and double your chances.

More information on RSS you can go to ; to get a blog site of your own set up i recommend

Write, here we go then. No i didn't misspell it. The last thing you want to do is write an article about your cyberbaby and submit to as many sites as you can. A pretty good list is available here .

That's it for now, if you follow these easy steps you should manage to get noticed, don't forget me when i want a short break on lunarville.

That's it for now, if you follow these easy steps you should manage to get noticed, don't forget me when i want a short break on lunarville.

Mark white has worked in IT for 16 years and currently runs 3 websites and works as an SEO / website designer.

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