Wasters and Energy Suckers

Stop wasting your time and having your energy sucked dry! What do I mean by this statement? You're all over the internet trying to find out where to promote that new business you entered into, or trying to promote your own business. You've been told by so called experts to promote your new business to free classified ad sites or FFA pages.

They even told you that you will get a ton of traffic to your new site. And you will have 100's or even 1000's in your downline if you advertise your business this way. "Keep at it," they say, and within a couple of weeks you will see exponential results.

So you follow their advice. Night after night you come home from work and advertise your business to free classified ads and FFA pages. You just know that sooner or later your efforts will pay off.

And then reality hits like a ton of bricks! You've been advertising your business for two months now. To your dismay you find that you don't even have one lead or one referral.

What you might have though if you upgraded to the PRO version of the FFA submission is a credit card bill. The bill can be anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 US dollars.

What you definitely do have is your email client filled with tons of counter ads. So what's the best way to advertise your new business?

Submit articles to ezines and promote your business with the help of others. This is the most cost effective way to promote your business. All it costs you is the time to write your article, and you don't receive a ton of counter ads in your inbox.

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