Your Internet Marketing - What It Could Be Missing

How would like to have an email list of thousands of people who are looking to buy products related to your website. Do you think could make money with that list? Of course you could.

We'll unless you're using ebay to market your business you are missing out on this.

Now I know this isn't exactly a new idea, but many people think they can't market with ebay because they don't have products that sell well on ebay.

So here is a simple solution that ANYONE can use to build there business with ebay.

Just follow these simple steps and you'll soon be getting a constant stream of subscribers from ebay.

1. Create a free offer that's related to your product or website. An ebook, a free course, a free gift etc.

2. Set up your "about me" page on ebay advertising your free offer and add your autoresponder form.

3. Find a product drop shipper who offers a product related to your website

This is easy enough. There are tons of dropshippers available online. Try for example.

4. Create an auction selling one of the related products from your drop shipper.

5. At the top of your auction mention your free offer with a link to your "about me" page.

To get the most out of this promotion method you need to tweak your auction headline to get the most possible visitors. You can use ebay's different listing features to make your auction even more attractive to shoppers.

Once you've got this method down you can create multiple auctions like this bringing you even more subscribers.

Here's a quick example of how you could use this:

I own a website that sells a book on how to become a professional DJ.

I have a free newsletter offering advice and I create a free report called "10 Tips To Becoming The Hottest DJ in You Town"

I set up my "about me" page to give away the free report.

I list an auction for some new DJ equipment from and advertise my free report on top.

Within a few days the subscribers start rolling in.

Soon after come the profits. It's that simple.

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