The Quest In Advertising Your Website

Website advertising, the unending quest of every website owner. And Free is a word I work towards. But free on the net has many different meanings. And many of them are just not free at all. An effective means of advertising I have found, as I am sure many of you also have discovered, are the traffic surfing sites. So gain an advantage. Register your main website url on a few traffic surfing sites, or many of them, as I choose to do. And put into the mix advertising for a few of the different traffic surfing sites themselves.

Each person that signs up under you, earns you traffic credits. Thus creating a continuous traffic effect for your main website, which you are trying to promote. Monitor it occasionaly though, just to make sure it is all running correctly. And if not just continue the process once again. Trial and error, with a little luck thrown in, builds that free traffic. And if you are really keen, add into your main website free banners that also gain credits for each view. And in time you will gain that consistent flow of free traffic. Maybe not the most targeted traffic you need to get your website. But every hit does help.

This is just one of the methods I use, and it really does provide a constant flow, through to my main website. Lets face it though, getting people to view your site isn't really that hard. The ideas that you can come up with to drive traffic to your website for free is virtually endless. Just use a little imagination. However getting people to purchase your products ect, once they are on your website. That is a whole different article, many articles really. So I will leave that one till next time.

Michael J. Keenan (CEO - SitePromotionNow) Worked in affiliate sales and website construction for over 5 years. email: [email protected] website:

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