How Building a Fanbase will Make You Sales

If you've ever been to a popular forum hosted by a singal indivual, you would probably notice that most of the members of said forum take the owner or moderators advice as gold. Allan Gardyne is a good example of this, with his affiliate advice forum. Whenever he posts, people listen and will actively revolve their own decisions around his.

Think of it this way, you build up a huge site, where you discuss and release articles designed to help people restore old cars. After a few months/years your site is relatively well known in the field of car restoration. People begin to rely on your knowledge and the knowledge avaible at your website. One day, you get the brilliant idea of designing and selling an ebook revolved around car restoration, and everything you've picked up over the years. When people realize YOU are selling the book, that YOU wrote it, they will be clamoring to buy it from YOU! You have built up the trust and satisfaction of these members, and they strongly believe that your book is the end all be all of car restoration.

With your forums entirely under your control, you can implement very clever ways of promoting and advertising your product, such as giving out a few sample chapters. Also, if anyone decides to nay say or leak info about your product, you can delete the post and ban the member. All the problems and solutions are at your finger tips!

While that can be a great way to get some money, expanding and diversifying is the key to huge profits. Now that your car restoration site is going strong and your book is selling nicely, you can expand your knowledge to something else. For example, you could start a site based on boat restoration. Simply because you are a car restoration expert on your site, your members will automatically believe that your boat restoration site and ebook will kick ass. This fanbase literally follows you around like a group of celebrity stalkers, just waiting to make you profit.

Chris Everson and Mark Shay
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