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Free Advertising Techniques

The most successful advertising is obviously expensive. There are ways of free advertising that over time will work out to be just as profitable for you.

Everybody, at some point, has brought a product over the internet. If you like the product then write a testimonial for the business you brought it from. Say how much you like the product and how it benefited you and let the business use your testimonial if they include your signature file at the end.

We have all seen websites with forums on them, post your message there, be it a question or compliment. Again, leave your signature file there for all visitors to see.

If you come across a website that you highly enjoy, write a review for it. Explain what you like about the site, for example, design, services, ease of use etc. Send the review to the owner and tell them that they can use it if, yet again, they include your signature file.

A lot of websites have a guest book where people leave a small comment about the site. Sign the guest book with good compliments about what you have seen on the site. People do visit guest books more than you think and this is a great way to advertise.

If you read a good article or have a preferred ezine then by all means let the editor know. Compliment them on the content of their article or ezine and give permission to the editor to use your compliment with your signature file.

Even article writing is a free form of advertising and should not be left out.Plenty of people are looking for articles for their ezines and you can let them use your article if they leave the byline intact.Your articles could appear on hundreds of websites if they are good enough,therefore leaving your signature file all over the internet.

Sometimes the best way of advertising is by using techniques that you would think don't work, but any form of advertising works if you persevere with it. If you can do it for free it has got to be worth the effort I think.

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